Weirdo at the dentist!

i made it to the dentist…it has taken me 26 years…!!
i did not have a panic attack…!
the dentist ( a nice asian lady ) felt rather reluctant to work on me, and i think she was very happy when i left.
i will go back in a month to get a chip filled…

i wonder was it the dark cloak, the light saber, the fact that i did not say anything, or the general psycho look on my face…it saddens me that i can not manage to do these tasks…without going angry…!!
but this forum, the cbt …and mrs. sith made it happen…
so thanks everyone for your support.
take care


Very cool. I’m glad you made it. :thumbsup: Congratulations.

I get a bit anxious about the dentist. But I do like my dentist. She’s really nice. Sometimes I still ask for a lollypop. She’ll let me have one. I have a love of dum-dums.

My favorite ones are the “mystery flavors”

It’s where one flavor gets mixed with another between the flavor runs.


Any time, darksith…

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" where’s my lolly pop mrs. dentist "
dark sith is not happy…
take care
p.s…mmmmmmmmm…is that not a dentist conspiracy !?!

god you are braver than me lol, good for you.

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did you get some laughing gas?

God that ■■■■ is awesome.

Last time i had some of that i got super high while waiting for the doc to come in, and then he began yanking six teeth out of my skull but that stuff was so good i fell asleep while he proceeded to yank them out.

Thats how good it is, you can fall asleep while getting teeth yanked out with pliers.

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that’s encouraging, darksith…I just now made arrangements with my mom for me to go to the dentist…it’s been 18 years for me??? I won’t go into details but I know I need to see a dentist before “the pain comes”…yikes…I’ve always been scared of what the dentist is going to think but you’ve calmed my nerves greatly. Thank you for that…!!

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My dentist is nice. He likes me even though I’m a weirdo No dum-dums though.


**Good going for you, and thank you Mrs Sith :blush: **

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good on you, take a deep breath and just do it.
i was inspired by people like 77nick77 and others on here…
it was not scary or painful, my mind had made it way worse than it actually was.
if it makes you feel more comfortable ask if someone that you trust can come in with you.
i did tell my dentist that i had depression and had anxiety before i went in, it was on the form, so that helped.
take care

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Yay darksith! Way to go!

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