Whats that one called again?

Whats that movie called again? “static” or something like that.

It sums up my “symptoms” at the end.

I can’t even remember the guy’s name now, dude that played batman.

Anywho. Guy’s wife dies and he starts having alot of paranormal horseshit happen. Especially with static on televisiions and radios.

At the end it sums up my “schizophrenia” completely. The shadowy evil beings were flying around him and he was reacting to their attacks. Pretty much sums it up for me. Thats my disease.

Perfectly illustrated schizophrenia for ya at the end of the movie. Everybody thinks im sick or it’s genetic and ■■■■!

So they threw the guy off of a ledge and he died. Sometimes though, like myself, they want a suicide. They told me this very clearly. They say they are going to make me do it at 33, 15 years from my “onset” at 18. These assholes really love numbers, they never shut up about their numbers.

Just ■■■■. Oh ■■■■.

Michael keaton! Now i remember! ■■■■!