An odd odd "symptom" of schizophrenia

So, this happened to me during my second “psychosis”, it really really happens sometimes, everything in this video (in principle) happened to me.

What a strange strange symptom of a disease this is.

Here are two portrayals of what happened to me that i find useful in telling people what it was.

I know, i get it, it’s a stupid movie, that isn’t my point, my point is this really happens to people sometimes, they caused a dream and were in there with me growling and ■■■■ and i floated toward them and woke up drenched in sweat.

Stupid movie yes, but it actually happens sometimes. And it’s a bit more painful and serious when it actually does happen.

Another one is the dream sequence in the move monkeybone, with the half goat man in it, stupid movie i get it, but it really does happen sometimes, pan even showed up during my psychosis while i was wide awake. The dream sequence in that one portrayed what can happen fairly well, but once again it’s way more serious when it actually does, much more painful, terrifying actually.

This is more of a psa than anything, i think that people should be aware that someone is going around ■■■■■■■ with people’s heads, look into it already, knowledge is power right?

Do not talk of the demons, they will lock you away, call you delusional.

This isn’t a delusion, what appeared to be beings actually did this to me in a dream, it was hellish, scary, horrible and agitating, they ran me from my home and i almost died.

I do not have a disease, i need help, this is one cold muther fu#$er of a world we’re all in.

Perhaps im wrong though, maybe there are no beings that live in the realm from whence our world comes, maybe it’s people right? Well thats your only two options now, other beings or people, people need to know this stuff.

Educate yourselves as to what can happen sometimes, your sitting ducks right now, you have no knowledge about these things, they do it to you all of the time.

My voices seem to come from somewhere. They used to say “its obvious were just ■■■■■■■ with you.” Some inter-dimensional beings on assignment to drive us to suicide. I really don’t think my mind would ever create the voices that I hear, I mean my medications don’t do ■■■■ to alleviate my voices. They are stuck in there. I believe in telepathy so I’m just kind of waiting to find out what happens when we die. If I’ll get to meet these beings. On the other hand I’m probably just sick and when I die that’s it the end. I’ve got a growing fear of hell. For some reason I think I’ve been marked to go there although I’m a pretty innocent person.

Hell isn’t real, if anything earth is hell, we’ve got it all down here, it’s pure hell on earth right now.

They tell me we die but can be rebuilt and made conscious again, that it’s scientific even to do this, they say we are part of the eternal now and what we are does not cease, although we die it will not be forever and we will awaken.

They have said other things as well, that it’s like putting your entire database onto a new cpu.

The other day they were saying also that we are not randomly occurring matter, the exact same things can be made again.

And they also say that we will be like them, a literal conversion from what we are now into being eternal beings, now that sounds fairly nice really.