Watching movies

Saw a few horror flicks the other night.

Paranormal activity 4 and both v/h/s movies.

During paranormal 4 my brother gave me a look because he knows whats wrong with me and doesn’t give a damn at all, i got pissed at him and he struck me down, guy is an animal what can i say, a true sociopath he is.

Imagine that, being tortured to death and your family doesn’t give a ■■■■ in the least. We’re watching a movie about some of the stuff that happened to me and he turns around and glares at me about it like a mother#$%^&#!

Serious psychos my whole family. It really makes you realize why we’ve been given an interdimensional death sentence sometimes.

I can’t believe this guy, he just looks over at me like “yeah i know this stuff happens to you” and has a grin on his face, i want to tell him sometimes that he better be more careful you know, what you do to others is going to happen to you very soon, he wouldn’t believe me though.

So after watching this flick about some of my own personal hell we move on to v/h/s. This ■■■■ is one of the most goddamn horrible movies out there, i wouldn’t recommend it at all, unless you want to feel bad then go for it.

So, while watching this one they put some aliens in there of course, the greys. My first visual hallucination was a grey, my torture began and i saw him just a few moments later. Their depiction in this particular movie though was spot on, that really is how they are, they will burn your life if they want, they truly are some of the most horrible pieces of ■■■■ alive right now.

I can still remember them telling me that the dead and crushed lizard on the ground was me, or was going to be me. They clouded everything that i am and were in my mind telling me these things.

So thats how movie night goes sometimes at my house, it’s like watching your own life sometimes and having your idiot brother turn around all of a sudden glaring and grinning at whats happening to you.

It’s so funny to me though because i know where he is going, it’s the same place that i am now, everyone goes there at some point.

Do you think it’s wise to watch horror movies? I had to stop watching them because they triggered me. I still see the girl from the Ring in my bedroom. Those movies stay with you. :sunny:

I’m traumatized by the Ring girl.

Poltergeist is still my favorite horror movie. :ghost:

I’ve just never been a huge fan of horror movies, haven’t seen a heck of a lot of them.

Movies in general tend to be difficult at times for me to sit through unless they really capture my interest. I rarely remember them either, I used to rent a movie and then a half hour into it realize I’d already seen it…recently. Music I remember, movies I tend not to.