The new v/h/s

This movie is horrible, the entire series is just horrible.

Don’t get me wrong though because id probaably love it if it wasn’t actually happening to me. The reality of it though makes it less entertaining.

So the new one i recently watched and there was the scene with the skateboarders in it. They were led without their knowledge to a bad place with bad people. When they got there there was a pentagram drawn on the ground.

There was a 3 drawn in it. It brought me all the way back to my first “psychosis” when i started looking at the clock at 3 over and over again. It was bad because of the torture though, it made it extra creepy and sick you know.

In the other ones the greys were impregnating women against their will as well. That was my first “hallucination”, the grey.

It really sucks ass when you can’t watch movies because they are your life, especially when it’s a horror movie. ■■■■ thats my life!

Crazy right?! My “symptoms” are movies! And holy ■■■■ im being murdered!

Lots of people have trouble watching movies for one reason or another here. I don’t actually watch movies myself, but can and do watch dumbed down tv programmes. I’m actually quite grateful that I can at least watch dumbed down tv.