What's real?

My hallucinations have proved they know the future. Also are my memories false? Has anyone any experience of the same thing please?


How did they prove it?

Yeah… sometimes my memories are intertwined with past hallucinations, so it is false.

Hi Aziz.

My hallucination told me the exact time a friend would be online 14 hours before that event occurred.

It also told me I would be getting alerts off of a female on my phone in a few minutes and I did.

It also took me to dating sites ( I don’t go on such sites ) from foreign countries and told me the personal details of members before I had even opened their profile.

It told me American football stats and transfers from a decade ago before I had investigated them. I know nothing of that sport.

It told me what stories plays I had never heard of contained before I had read them.

I was given degree level economic information even though I had never studied nor been interested in economics. It was accurate.

I was given information about a ladies personal life by an hallucinatory lady that was accurate to the real lady.

I gave information to a powerful person that they expressed years later in media reports.

Loads more examples.

These definitely aren’t false memories because I told people and saved files that are time and date stamped that incontrovertibly show that I had this information long before the events occurred in real life.

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Hi Abise.

The memories I’m getting are from decades before I had any symptoms of a mental illness. They aren’t past hallucinations because I wasn’t hallucinating at all at the time.

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I can’t help you. My voices are usually wrong when they make predictions. My dreams often don’t turn out truth either. When they are right it’s just coincidence in my case.

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Hi Jonathan2.

My hallucination would get the odd thing wrong so I doubted it was real. So I told it if it was real stop effing about and prove it. For one solid week 16 hours a day it led me around the internet telling me user profile information, obscure historical facts, historical persons personal life details from other countries, what I was going to read on on sites before I’d opened them, who was going to contact me in the future and on and on.

It was 100% correct at all times.

I don’t get it.

Also do your hallucinations retrieve suppressed memories and help heal your trauma?


My voices definitely don’t help heal trauma. They contribute to it.

I think psychosis causes memory problems, its why you think it predicted your future.

My voices did this with me as well. Im not sure how it does it, maybe somekind of precog gene in us or maybe just a messed up brain. Did you think you couldve came across this information somehow subconciously before having the voices predict these things?

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Well…there are people who are thought to be clear sighted if you believe in such things. There’s a guy in my country that has a reputation for predicting things. And he doesen’t have sz.

But if you roamed the internet for 16 hours a day for a whole week with no clear purpose that does sound like illness. I hope you didn’t quit medication.

I know from my own experience that you can start believing things that aren’t so if you are in the middle of psychosis. You start to question everything that happens and try to make it into some higher scheme or purpose that is happening even if it’s just random events.

If I were you I would focus on trying to convince yourself that all events are not some grand interconnected scheme , because that is the only way to be able to function in society. If you do the opposite you are digging yourself deeper and deeper out of reach with reality.


If you ever do find out what is real, let me know!


Sorry but if youre diagnosed sz you cant be your own witness to your predictive powers. Even if you wrote your own predictions down and interpreted them yourself you possibly would have a psychotic bias in interpretation if you could call it that.


Well my hallucinations have been healing me for ten months now Jonathan.

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Hi Paul1. How could I come across such information such as I’m going to get a message in a few minutes from a female and I did?

Hi Mr Hope. How did I roam the internet with no clear purpose? The purpose was for my hallucination to prove it was real. It hit its target one hundred percent. Is it psychosis for my hallucination to guide to the realisation it knows things far beyond my abilities?

So how come my daughter saw my hallucinations and a dog sensed it in the presence of its owner?

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Not sure what you mean by your daughter seeing your hallucinations, but as for the dog, they dont make very good witnesses.

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It’s just I have had similar experiences because of the illness. I started to find meaning in the shadows on the wall even, and small things and details suddenly had a profound significane to me personally. And I was in a state of mind where I did nothing to try and disprove any of these perceptions. One small proufound detail just built evidence for the next. My mind was not balanced at all, it was a one way street towards proving that nothing was what it seemed.

Something similar might have happened to you. I mean roaming the internet for 16 hours each day for 7 days straight sounds manic. You might not have been in your normal state of mind when going through the phenomena you explained.

When my daughter was younger she saw my first hallucinations. The dog was so terrified of them my mate had to stop bringing the poor thing into my home.