Whats good for stretch marks

I been using palmers stretch mark lotion, i havent seen any improvements. anyone know any good products that help the appearance of stretchmarks. I heard this one is good.
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil - 5.1oz | eBay

Bio Oil.

I used it while I was pregnant and afterwards.

I still have stretch marks, but they’ve faded, a lot.


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cool, did you get good results from this.

I did.

Like I said, I still have stretch marks, they’ve just faded a lot.

I don’t know if anything gets rid of them totally,

Especially after having a baby,

But it worked well.

I highly recommend the product.

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I heard really good reviews of this palmers skin therapy oil, i saw before and after pictures, it looks like it works pretty well.

I never tried oil product before because i think they are too greasy but they say this one is not. i hope so. I check your product out too. thanks.

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I used that too but didnt have any effect on me. It just made me itchy due the the fragrance and the oiliness of it.

I have stretch Mark’s too on my bum all over my legs hips and boobs. Yeah I know I have ■■■■ skin lol

I asked Phil after reading this post, You’ve never looked at my stretch marks, have you?
He said, I’ve seen them.
huh. okay. Never thought about getting rid of 'em.
I had two babies in there at the same time,
it’s my only memory, my stretch marks.

To be honest I dont think anything will work as the lotion needs to penetrate the dermis to the epidermis where the stretch Mark’s are present. And they are underneath the skin. Just time lots of water and rest will do you some good. If you have dry skin then use lotion but tbh I dont see a point because my skin is bad anyway. You could try oils like coconut oil and raw unrefined shea butter but tbh I dont think that will work either. As it need to penetrate the dermis layer of skin.

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I want laser buts way too expènsive. I still have for creams.

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