Anyone have stretch Mark's?

I have an abnormal amount of stretch Mark’s on my boobs bum and legs I used to feel really depressed about them now they are the least of my problems. I was just wondering since I was reading about cortisol levels that cortisol can cause stretch Mark’s to occur. I also read somewhere that cortisol and dopamine are not released correctly in schizophrenics is there a higher prevalence to get stretch Mark’s in schizophrenics?. Or do I just have rubbish skin

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Im a bloke and got a load on my arse, legacy from the Olanzapine i was on over 10 years ago.

Skinny old git now of course.

I have stretch marks on my stomach from pregnancy,

And on my boobs from breast augmentation.

I used Bio Oil and it really worked.

The scars and stretch marks are almost completely faded.

Some stubborn ones persist, but it helped a lot.

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Same as my sister. She got loads in pregnancy but none during puberty where as I got loads during puberty and I havent gotten pregnant so I dont know.

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I think the bio oil works for any kind of stretch mark.

Doesn’t matter how you got them.

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