People with dry skin

I have an unfortunate habit of buying all sorts of expensive hair, face and body oils.

So I’ve tried all the pricey brands.

But I ran out of my fancy stuff and was in need so I found Mederma Dry Oils at my local Walgreens.

Got it, put it in a spray bottle and used it after my shower.

Without doubt, this is the best body oil I’ve ever used.

They absorb immediately and leave skin dry,

It stays on making your skin smooth until you shower again,

And it smells pretty nice.

Just an announcement.


I tend to use more lotion in the winter as we heat with wood.

Udder Cream is the best lotion imho so it pays to spend a little more.

My dry skin tidbit.



When I worked in surgery my hands would get so dry from washing them constantly.

We used Udder Cream then.

It really does work.

But I think it’s a bit thick to slather over your whole body.

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I use it for my hands and a permanent rash on my shoulders. Works wonders.

It is pretty thick though.

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I have super dry skin. Will look into this.

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It comes in a little squeeze bottle, but you gotta put that stuff in a little sprayer for easier application.

I have dry lips and use Neutrogena lip balm.


I use Neutrogena products and like them a lot.

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Same. I use Blistex medicated lip balm. Awesome stuff. Dry lips are awful.



I also have an addiction to lip balms and have a suggestion.

It’s pricey, but Stellar Balm by Balance Me is out of this world.

No more chapped lips.

I even put it on problem areas and they go away overnight.

It’s amazing stuff.


I was blessed with baby skin lol. My gf uses some sort of medical grade silicone based cream from the hospital. Ill take a pic of the bottle later. Works well.

She hates me cuz i worked with bleach everyday for years and years and still baby hands :sweat_smile:


I ordered it. My first Black Friday purchase!

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I think you’ll like it, it’s good stuff!


Hypothyroidism makes your skin really dry. When you take the medication, you really notice a difference.

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Thank you for the PSA— gonna try to find some soon, as I am ashier than a flour biscuit at the moment :sweat_smile:.


It’s seriously as good if not better than all the expensive oils I’ve tried.

And easy to apply if you use a squirt bottle.

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Sounds very promising— is it this stuff by chance?

If so, putting in cart:

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That’s it.


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Is Charles Foster your real name?

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I don’t have dry skin, but I used to use cocoa butter lotion as aftershave and that stuff is amazing.

I highly recommend any lotion with cocoa butter. I swear by that stuff. You can even find good generic brand lotions with cocoa butter.

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