What would you like to do in the next two decades? Any realistic idea?

There was a day I walked out of my psychosis and realized I am in the middle of a severe illness.

Everything I tried to build up in my life was long gone. But I am still alive, with an unhealthy body.

I get to understand that I have a malfunctioning brain and body. There would be a lot of things I will not be fit for doing.

I just wonder what I would be able to do. Is planning for future still possible for someone with sz?

With perhaps two decades ahead of you in your life, what would you like to make happen?

I live the past few years like just let time past. It is so unlike myself in my early years.

I want to stop hearing voices. That is my primary concern. It means everything to me.

It would be a desperate 20 years of living if I was told that I’d STILL be hearing voices 20 years from now. Screw that!.

It is very difficult to think 10 or 20 years ahead. I can only think about 1 year ahead with my condition and my voices etc. Ten or twenty years ahead is just surreal. I think if I didn’t have a mental condition it would be different and I would be talking about things like wanting to travel around the world, career or even having children.

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i want to write books and start a business. i don’t know whether i’d b any good at working, as the last time was a disaster. i’d also like to go to college and then uni.

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Hi Andy, I know you are trying really hard to stop the voices. I wish you will meet with success soon.

Are you a good story teller? I tend to think that my ideas are flat.
Do you have any sound business ideas in mind?

20 years from now… Wow, 49. I hope that by then I’m working with the nurseries more and able to do even more with education and community gardens.

I would LOVE to teach art or music at the local community center someday. If I get that chance and it takes off… who knows. I do see myself trying to teach some people how to surf or end up with a surf school eventually.

There is a huge teaching theme in my plans.

My sis will be 37 and I’m sure she’ll have a family of her own by then and I will have a chance to be more of an Uncle.


Funny, 20 years doesn’t seem so long these days. I figure I’ll be gone before 20 years pass. Everyone goes, I just want to see it coming.

In twenty years I will be as old as my father when he died. So first I want to live and live well. I have lived here for over thirty years. I hope I will still be living here. My house will be clean my property will be landscape the way I want it to be, and my place will be fill with stain glass and mosaics. That I had made. Can I make this happen. Only if I change my ways. I’m working on that.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner


You work with stained glass? I LOVE stained glass art. Even the more gothic and modern stuff really cheers me up.

How long have you been doing that?

Off and on for about twenty years. More off then on.
I could use a good landscaper ever thought of moving to Missouri?
I guess that a bad ideal no surfing on the river

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

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Your plans do seem very down to earth. I feel that you will see many of those happening to you.

I want to land some sort of job helping the mentally ill. I plan on going to grad school in psychology, at least I will need a masters. Maybe I will end up with a doctorate, who knows…depends of what condition I will be in when that time comes.

I just want my life to be productive and stable. I want to live without anxiety and find work that I enjoy. I really want to make a living by helping people who aren’t as fortunate to handle schizophrenia as well as I have. I have the non-deficit paranoid subtype, the type in which people often function quite highly, so much that you wouldn’t guess that they had a severe mental illness. I often get that…people telling me they would have never guessed that I had schizophrenia. It’s just that I did suffer a whole before I agreed to take meds, and then it took a while to find the right ones.

I want to make sure that people who were like me get treated right away and don’t endure psychosis. I would like to be married eventually, but I am afraid of women so that’s a problem. I basically want to stay in remission, get a job and settle down.

Of course this is all dependent on my meds. If they suddenly quit working, so will I.

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Well, yes. Time flies. I don’t feel I will live a long time, too. Just don’t know if it would be soon enough.

I want to be independent. have my own place or be able to afford my won place. with more hobbies. Would like to get into gardening more, and redoing furniture maybe. and fitness. :slight_smile:

20 years is about all the time allotted me. I’d like to finish my writing (and other) projects. Maybe have one of them published. Those are the concrete things.


I want to be a psychologist and/or a professor of psychology. I want to help people who are suffering in life. Right now I am an undergrad majoring in psychology. I hope to get a Ph.D. in psychology someday. I also want my violent intrusive thoughts to go away. Hopefully over the summer I’ll get my meds straightened out. I also want to fully recover from schizophrenia, and be off medication. I also hope to be financially secure, and living on my own. There’s no guarantee that my parents will even be alive then. I also want a new car. My car is nineteen years old now.

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Well, I’m writing a book that should be finished in the next few months if I keep up with my writing. So that is my short term goal. And I would like to buy a house. Not an expensive one but a cheap house and just fix it up. Because I have a lot of time on my hands for fixing things. Another thing is I would like to not hear voices anymore. But I have heard voices for sixteen years now I don’t think they are going to go away.

Yes I’ve always written and when I can concentrate am a good story teller and yes I have one or two business ideas. My problem is getting the funding atm. Wringing though doesn’t cost anything so I’ll do that while I’m saving my money. I don’t mind how long it takes. I’ll just poodle on in my own little way and c what happens :slight_smile:

I want to be the best artist in the world… The “Ace of Spades”…

In twenty years I’ll be 75. I’ll be looking towards the end of my life, and I’ll have to evaluate the whole thing and decide what I think of myself. Between now and then I’d like to do some writing. I’ve won a few awards for my writing, but nothing major. It would just enthrall me if I could write something that other people loved, and had lasting merit. I’m starting to look forward to being out of life. My mental illness has worn me out. This is a good topic because it has got me thinking about what kind of person I would like to be for the next twenty years.