What would you do?

If today someone said you were going to die. How do you prevent this from happening? Especially you have a dear friend too.

I feel ready to share this thread:

My voices are so quiet now it’s like they’re getting bored of me, like they’re ready to “quit” the “show” or something.

Head pressure is really nice too.

Life is getting comfy.


What supplements are these?

Yes, I agree that good nutrition is important for sz/sza’s. I get my nutrients with my homemade cooking and eating plenty of grains, fruits, vegetables and protein every day.


It’s a chelated multivitamin supplement called Daily Essential Nutrients, from Hardy Nutritionals.

Great, life-changing stuff, but kind of pricey.

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I take supplements though I don’t think they harp with my weight. I would recommend going out and doing a daily activity like sight seeing or jogging.

Do you ever experience these thoughts?

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