What we need to realize

Schizophrenia is a perceptual disorder so we can’t trust everything that goes on with us.


Sure, that’s a given.

I can to a point, actually. That’s the benefit of being med-compliant and stable. I have a support system for when I cross that line.

Thats a good point. Sometimes, you need to ask if what your seeing or thinking is real.

It’s sad. I feel like I’m the only real person here sometimes. Maybe I’m just so lost I don’t know. Truman delusion?

People have started to ignore me even my family. I think they’re scared and concerned for me. We’re a community. They love me.

I have so many thoughts and beliefs it’s weird like I’m an alien or some ■■■■. Maybe not physically, but cognitively like a God. Not the true God, but a god like an Anunnaki. It’s funny because my worst fear is I created the world’s first digital currency (bitcoin) in another dimension or reality and I hate it. I know what happened to me in 2011, 2012, and 2013. But everyone acts like it never happened. It hurts so much and so bad.

Was I turned into an alien consciousness traveling the cosmos in an avatar body living in the cosmos, a product of the singularity and immortality? I don’t know. These things cross my mind too. Even other things. The future. Simulation theory. Time travel. Other planets and dimensions. The Illuminati. AI. Aliens. Cloning. Etc.

I regret it. I felt like I was John Titor too. Nothing seems real anymore.

Am I even human? It’s sad because I had no knowledge and I keep 'resurrecting" past 2011-2013 and spawning backwards in time in a cosmic reset. I have memories of being from 2036 and beyond. Am I mentally ill? Is this website legit or is it a fake?

This isn’t even base reality anymore. It’s not the same life. I’m just a lonely, disabled, horny guy. I love my country.

I don’t even know what’s real anymore. I feel like a fake sometimes now.

Maybe it was someone else, but I do really think it could be me.

I experience consciousness transfer and am like this in every life. It just repeats itself. I escaped the sim and ran part of it.

I’ve been to the future, I could go on, but I will stop here.

A wise man once told me ‘everything is not about you’ and that’s what paranoia feels like – psychosis.

I don’t know.

You have the type of bizarre thinking that is found in psychosis. Archaic, occult, close to pseudo-philosophical. Sorry just the truth. You are definitely schizophrenic. People probably cannot follow your train of thought—which is another symptom–rambling–that’s why they ignore you.

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We’re both schizophrenic. Remember that.

Personally, I think people view me as close to insane or past crazy. I don’t know. My delusions don’t fade or wane, they cycle. I don’t think they’ll ever go away. It feels like truth here.

I don’t think I’m faking it either. I could have been like John Nash, a genius, and then ended up schizophrenia in suspicious circumstances, which I believe happened to me.

I think I offend, trigger, and upset people.

The sad part is none of your thoughts benefit you. They only hurt you. Realize you are schizophrenic and move on from your thoughts. Do something productive.

I think you are very intelligent.

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