What we can do

I don’t know it seems to take me a long time to get through my head what I can do at this stage and prioritize.

In any case, I need to work longer hours. This is preliminary. I need a better income to live. My mom is getting old, i need to take over the household running soon. I need a stronger body to get employed. I gonna focus my attention on morning walk and household chores. It is only after I can put more hours of my day awake and on goal directed behaviors than I can talk about what I will be able to do. I will put more responsibilities on my shoulder.

I got a call from someone asking me to work for them in the coming holiday. So I will work on my days off.


I think you are doing amazing things. I keep reading about how much harder you work. I read about how tired you are. I hope you are finding a way to keep your energy up.

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Hi there, I owe you a thank you, to you and your eldest bro. Actually I might not be able to do all this without your examples and support. :wink:

Thank you too. I think you are very kind and your family is very lucky to have you. I am glad you are eating. The place you work sounds very busy.

I think I’m kind just like u :smiley:

you are doing really good in taking care of yourself and your bro. I just want to say, you don’t need to be perfect all the time. It is good enough to love each other.

I’ve been to Vancouver. Nice place. Have more funs.

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