So whats on ur to do list today then?

today i shall sort out max’s uniform, put a dry on, get him to tidy his room, tidy my room and change my bed and depending on the weather, take the dogs over the woods. will let u know if manage it all.

Hi. I need to go into town and meet my mum. I also need to buy some socks…for my walking shoes. Later in the day I will go for a 4 mile walk.

I live in the midwest USA and in my area we’ll be facing wind-chills as low as 30 below (F). All of us here, schiz. and non-schiz. will be trying to keep warm and stay indoors.

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I woke up earlier today to fill a job application form and delivered it to the government office by myself. Also assumed earlier duty in the afternoon so tonight I can have dinner with my mom.


I shall dread all day and night, and moan and wail.

Writhe in terror and shed a tear for those albinos in tanzania being made into shaman’s stew to cure leprosy.

And cringe at the rapidly approaching cataclysm, it’s gonna be the big one they always talked about.

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Went to work at 6:30 AM. After work I went to GNC to buy multivitamins.

Umm spend alot of time on these forums, see my psychologist and watch the rest of the second season of a tv show ive been watching. When I don’t have class or a workout I don’t really do much. My parents do all of the shopping and laundry and stuff.

had a migraine today after taking the dogs to the woods so no housework for me till it goes. have taken painkillers but its still there so i’m gonna take some muscle relaxants too. that usually does the trick. once they’ve kicked in, if it works, i will tidy my room and change my filthy bed and hoover. wish me well.

Thinking of mexican food for lunch here in the north island of new zealand. It is being brave as new zealanders are not big mexican food people and it could be bad. Still need to buy a pair of socks.

My kids spent the night & the weather is the best in the country here in Phoenix Arizona. Hitting the park then off to the mall for a movie.


how do you even work?

i just go to college sometimes, i still dont think i could work tbh

Today I called the Women’s Resource Center for a counseling appointment. They said they don’t currently have any interns there so they wouldn’t be able to do therapy for me, so they referred me to another place. I called the other place and made an appointment for an intake session, so I could eventually go to therapy there. I went to the intake appointment at 2PM, and they said they would call me to make an appointment with a therapist. The place charged $25 for the intake appointment, and according to their fee schedule on their explaination letter, I’ll only be charged $10 per session, because I have such a low income.


Denied SSI four times in a row. Got the old "if you can get yourself up in the morning, brush your teeth, pick out your outfit then you do not need disability benefits. Do you realize how many people are not able to do that? Dunkin donuts is always hiring? Why don’t you put in an application at Dunkin donuts missy?

The SSI office even contacted Vocational Rehab to place me at the donut shop part time. :sunny:


i am working , drinking coffee, working and trying not to get too ocd about switches…
take care


I got home from work an hour ago. Sat in my rocking chair and had a coke to wind down from the commute. My job is only 15 minutes away but I drive straight through downtown to get home. I get a little agitated with all the cars and people. Anyway, I have a dentist appointment at 5:00 to get my annual cleaning. after that, dinner with both my sisters at my middle sisters house. It’s also the first day of my online class.


Already been to the dentist
Went to get a coke.
Made a taco salad
Tonight - finish cleaning up for the maids…Put everything in two boxes - papers, objects.

i cant do that, i cant just get a job anywhere, i can only work if its something that i am good at and doesn’t cause stress as i can only take so much.

That comment was made by an SSI person towards me. Sorry for any confusion. :sunny:

how do you do it tho? i am relatively symptom free and i still cant do that, i am high functioning i think and i still cant do it.

the ast time i tried to work the voices made it so difficult that i never went back. problem is, u never know when ur gonna get sick and getting the benefits back when ur not in touch with reality is a nightmare. plus it takes six weeks to come through. what r u supposed to eat in that time, air?