I have a busy day

Today I have stayed out of bed even when I’m on my own. I used to stay in my bedroom for long hour lying on my bed if I don’t have some appointment.

So I have prepared for an interview, reviewed my goals, vacuum cleaned my home, make some jelly and walked in the park and the supermarket. I actually stay away from my bed the whole day. I wish I could have more day like this.

Next week I’ll have full day activities from Monday to Friday. i haven’t made myself so busy for a long time. I wish I can have enough energy and attention.

I have started the job placement for two days. It is hands on and not stressful. I help to process old clothes and other things in the recycling project. Do a lot of sorting. I will find out soon how it is like working full time.

When I look back, I must say that I’ve made a lot of good progress this year. I feel much better now and am functioning at a much better level. It would be nice if I could work full time. I will be able to finance myself if I could maintain a full time job.


I’m glad you’re getting out and enjoying yourself. It makes you feel good to be gainfully employed. I know it will go well for you.

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