What was your worst delusion?

Probably the one during my first admission when I thought I had lost all my teeth. Of course it might have been an advanced premonition because nearly 40 years on I’ve lost most of my teeth.
Luckily I’ve not had many really frightening delusions.

I used to believe I was being tracked by the government after leaving a neighborhood that I thought was a government testing ground.
I thought that the random gas leaks was some sort of ‘crazy gas’ that would make people lose their mind. It was right next to a army base as well and was constantly watched and helicopters would fly around. I began digging into conspiracy theory and got more and more paranoid thinking I was being watched. I had abandoned my phone because I thought it was being tracked down.

I recently came out of the delusion and realized that the gas leak was from poor maintenance and that it was just a place that was high in drug crimes (like, every other house had a meth lab)
I became so independant of phones that I never bothered to get one again.

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Delusions centered around telepathy. I’m a mind reader they’re mind readers. Complimented with some pretty fantastic hallucinations.

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i neally booked a flight to pakistan to fight with the taliban ( they were being funded by the americans at that time ) this is when the russians were in afghanistan…probably not my worst one but neally got me into a lot of trouble.
take care

It’s hard for me to believe it’s entirely “delusion”, but what’s repeatedly ended the worst for me involves my concerns about being rendered unkillable, formaldehyded, and potentially collapsing into a weaponized singularity as a result of neurotechnological implants and wiring throughout my body.

I don’t think I’ll ever be free of these thoughts (in part because having had them for so long and in part because they make more sense to me than not if I’m being honest about it), but I’m largely free of the tactile and visual cues to them being active. Less so the voices, but it is what it is.

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Probably my Dad being the leader of the nazi-communists, which are trying to take over germany, and in order to do so have to poison their mentally ill family members and everyone who sympathises with them. I had a dream in the hospital where I saw my Mother and sister being in an normal hospital room where they are dying because the nazi-communists were poisoning them to death, because I knew of my father’s plans. That was really an extremely ■■■■■■ up nightmare.

One of my bad delusions was when I thought that intelligence agencies communicated with me via satellites using this highly advanced neutron beam technology and I received instructions how to behave and where to go. Once I drove an auto in one desert and I received voices that if I heard them I should put my arm out and then in the same evening I experienced that people evaluated to which intelligence agency I belong going through all world’s largest intelligence agencies and they received the result I was in no intelligence agency. And in the same night I saw visions whose name and picture would be as a winner in the next year’s Presidential elections. I have had so many delusions in the past that it is difficult to pick one.

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The worst delusion was when I thought my parents were out to kill me. I even had visions where they stabbed me, like seeing the future. It was very painful and confusing.

I hate it when I get “futuristic” dreams and I wake up very certain that what I’m seeing in the dream will happen. I had a hard time getting over one in June.

I’m still not comfortable about the situation that this dream was about. But I’m at least not thinking people I care about will end up dead.

this one was downright disturbing and a bit rated R , Sorry. read at own risk.

I went to pray in my room one night and I got an erection all of a sudden and i felt this presence in my mind basically have sex with me then i could see this demon in my mind with a joystick and i urinated all overmyself. WTF . basically my mind raped me. was totally manic, thought it was new gift of sex with spirits or some ■■■■■■■■. i guess that was the delusion? i dont know if thats a delusion or hallucination , regardless it was brutal.
still disturbs me to this day.

My was convinced I could stop traffic with my mind. I had thoughts that was urging me to stand in the road and use my powers to stop trucks and busses. It go so bad that when I was on home leave from hospital I had to lie down on a bench in a train station as my brain told me I could stop the trains.

I also had another delusion that a famous music producer stole my song. Luckily for me my friends were very supportive as they knew I was ill.

I also get convinced that my wife works for the NHS and is trying to poison me and that the Management of the NHS is trying to control me.
Sorry for the ramble

I thought people were trying to get me to commit suicide. I bought a gun - a .22 automatic handgun. I wasn’t going to go in some place and open fire, or anything like that. My reasoning was that when they saw I wasn’t going to commit suicide they might send someone after me.

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I believed that people were talking to me through advertisements in my email box. The really hard part when I started to come out of that delusion when I got on medicine is I had emotions attached to what I believed was going on. I had to really try hard to convince myself that everything wasnt real

Im having my worst right now.I know that im sz but I have to convince myself repeatedly each day that its not real.

I think sometimes that the new town I moved to is run by satan worshippers that are trying to enlist me because I have some kind of power that will help them in a holy war that is going to happen like im some kind of angel or saint.

The foundation for this is I was kicked out of my hometown because I wouldn’t sell meth to my LEGAL mj cancer patients.They wanted me to lace the weed with meth thus addicting people without their knowledge.

Anyways I have that holy war delusion about me being some kind of religious figure.I’ve known for yrs im sz but I never thought id be a “classic” nut case like in the movies

Also I used to ride across town and back every day on my bike for excersise and along the way id give granola bars and pb sandwiches to homeless people that I used to go to school with so people jokingly called me a saint.

Theres some people here that have relatives in my old state that know this so when I go somewhere people say “hey look theres that saint” IT SUCKS because that is what is feeding my delusion.I want to tell them to plse stop saying that because its literally driving me insane but dont want the stigma that comes with people knowing im sz…I mean its nobody’s business anyway.

the voices tried to get me to believe in a capgras delusion (cloning) but i never really went for it. i questioned it though and it was extremely distressing at the time and i ended up in hospital for a few weeks. i could hear everybody’s voices around me. family, friends, strangers, pdocs, nurses, other patients, my children etc, all telling me that i was this mad scientist that lived on a space/time ship in the sky and did horrific cloning experiments on people. looking back on it, i can’t understand why i even gave it credence for even one nano second but i did. it lasted about a month or 5/6 weeks i guess, maybe two months. what cracked it for me was one of the other patients who said to me, you know, how likely is this to be true? that everyone around me were clones…and the delusion just burst like a big zit. over and done with, just like that, when a couple of hours before, i’d been crying and sooo frightened of everybody’s voices saying they were going to rape, torture and kill me for these supposed crimes. it was very silly and completely mad and i can’t believe that i even paid it any mind whatsoever. i have since learned that just because the voices tell you something is true doesn’t mean that it is and you should NEVER listen to voices.

Some time has passed, but now my worst delusion would certainly be the one that convinced me that I would fall asleep and wake up ten years old. Nothing more terrifying than being a 20 year old stuck in a ten year old body, and knowing about every terrible thing that is going to happen in your life, and having the power to maybe change it or not.

I have dream where I’m stuck in a ground hogs day situation. I think it’s a reflection of the desire to start over…
Sometimes i see sz as a rebirthing of the mind, esp if you can get over your symptoms and delusions. I feel like a totally different person then before when i was on drugs and had a sense of mental privacy.

I don’t understand drugs anymore. I’ve been clean for about seven months.
I like the feeling, but I can’t remember anything else.

Yeah it pretty much boiled down to a body high, humor in everything, and feeling like you had no negative concerns. It’s a mixed bag, if you high for long enough you eventually get around to the negative stuff. Makes it feel even worse.