What was your worst delusion?

Right I did some acid recently, a couple days apart, and the comedown was so depressing. Didn’t have a bad trip, making that like 50 psychedelic trips (estimate) and 0 bad ones. lol It’s hard to keep my hands off klonopin. since I just got half a year refills. but damn.

Yeah I’ve never had a bad trip aside from sz. Psychedelics were always an awesome escape.

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What was your worst delusion?

It was my experiencing a horrific event that it was soooooo extreme that perceiving it as a mere delusion started to become an option to maintain sanity.

I was convinced that the NHS were in full control over me and had recruted my wife to poison me. I still have problems with these thought even though I am risperdal consta 50mg and olazapine 20mg. I love my wife but at times I will not want her to cook or make me a drink because of the thoughts.

Another was that one of my voices was going to one of my sons.
It was horrific

I thought people were trying to get me to commit suicide. I bought a gun - a .22 automatic handgun. I thought that if they saw that I wasn’t going to kill myself they would send someone after me. I wasn’t going to walk in some place and open up, or anything like that.

Delusion? What’s a delusion?

this sounds like me. I dated this guy who owned a business selling spy cameras and gps tracking devices. He was possessive and I dumped him…this is when my brain began playing tricks with me. For 6 years, I’ve heard his voice in my head nonstop (only when I sleep it goes away) saying “I’m an FBI agent”, “I was in love” or “We’re watching you.” At first I thought it was real, and thought airplanes and cars were secretly following and spying on me. Then, after many years, I realized that this was a sickness. When I thought the man I broke up with was following me, I even wrote to him, saying to stop following me and asked if he was an FBI agent. He said that he wasn’t following me, was a business man and not an FBI agent, had moved to Florida (I’m in NY still and when we were dating) and opened another spy store there. That was the last time I emailed him, but my life has been a spooky nightmare, with all these voices sounding like him, saying the FBI is following me and will kill me. Aren’t our brains creative at making up stories? Worst delusion and won’t seem to go away.

I have had a few… But I think this is one of the worst. I thought I had figured out a way to transform my appearance. I could make me look like anyone I wanted… Big, Tall, Short, Childlike or elderly… anything… The CIA found out that I could do this and they wanted to kidnap me and send me to some facility to study me so they could get the same ability. I panicked and ran for it. I jumped into my Car and Raced for Canada thinking I would be safe there. Here is the worst part… As I was driving to Canada I thought the CIA got paranoid and tried to find me but couldnt. They ended up killing everybody that they questioned. I felt as if I was the Last US Citizen on a run while the CIA Murdered everybody in the US. It was absolutely aweful… I found a Motel close to the Border and I thought this was the last place left in the US where the CIA hadnt killed anyone. I spent the night there and then Called 911 the next morning and ended up at the nearest hospital. That was So aweful! I hope noone would go through that like I did.

My Last delusion I had I thought I was impervious to bullets. I thought Snipers were shooting at me and assassins were driving by and shooting at me. It was pretty bad.

The government agency delusions are the worst; that’s what sent me to the mental hospital and te paranoa/ delusion I still hear today…i wonder why our brain does that?

About 16 years ago when I traveled in New Mexico, I had a delusion that intelligence agencies with satellites evaluated to which intelligence agency I belonged, during that time I thought that these agencies sent me secret messages via satellites. At the time it all seemed so real, but later I have understood that these were just symptoms of my illness. Basically they went through all world’s agencies and concluded that I was in no intelligence agency but a private person. It just sounded so real at the time.

To add a little to this experience, I was in New Mexico driving a rental auto near Los Alamos Labs and suddenly there was a big black SUV driving in the front of me and I got a voice ‘follow that auto’ and so I followed and soon there was a turn to right and I saw another big black SUV waiting in this turn, but suddenly I had a voice on the voice of one military officer saying ‘it is a trap’ and I drove straight and did not follow this first SUV and noticed that this second SUV went after the first one. I would have been between these black SUVs and who knows what would have happened, This was actually real and later in the same evening I had these satellite evaluation experiences.

Hard to like these as they are quite heartbreaking. Once again a hug function so definitely needed. So hugs to all who posted.

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