What truly is "Unconditional Love"?


My definition is fairly simple. " Unconditional Love " is
not only an emotional state, but the combination of 2 person(s) strengths and opositions within a balance of
compromise and agreeance in a relationship as well as acceptance for each person(s) differances.

This also has no limitation on sexual preferances as well, but equality within the balancing living environment the person(s) share for a habitat as well as emotional support and minumal non support " compromisating factors " of non emotional support as well.

Hopefully this is a good definition, but I bias from my unconditional love for my gal.

what is your individual or combined definition of

Unconditional Love ?


I think it’s when you are drawn to someone and they can do whatever(???) they want and you are still drawn to them. so you are drawn to them regardless of any conditions. That might be lust though.
I like your question :slight_smile:

I want to emphazise on the question marks though (whatever???) because I don’t know maybe there is something they can do that stops it but I don’t know what if anything.


yes, that might be lust. thank you for sharing @Butterflyy


Even unconditional love has it’s limits.
Why would someone accept someone elses bad behavior solely on account of “love?”
Doesent sound healthy to me.


TYPO mistake sorry


absolutely right. but you see im also biased due to my relationship as well. i just tring for a loving an fun definitional styled chat atm.

thank you @Csummers


no problem i do TYPOS quite often…


And yes. sometimes it can be unhealthy for on physically, emotionally, and mentally if all parties are not feeling or being unconditional with the other in the relationship.


I don’t think, naturally, we are capable of unconditional love. Love is a chemical like any other emotional response out there. To have too much love for something or someone would mean it’s unnatural. So it would be an imbalance in chemistry.


@Cici2 thank you, an yes it could be that as well, but what about children, or pets even?



Hm I wonder if I can do that to someone
Never really thought about it


I always felt like why be in a relationship if you don’t accept someone for who they really are?
If someone wanted to change me into someone they wanted, I’d tell them to find that person already made.


Unconditional love is the kind of love some parents have for their children, where regardless of how badly the child acts the parent still loves him/her.


it’s having no expectations. letting the bad go and enjoying the good to the fullest. I feel that way about 3 people.


Watching Midsomer Murders cuddled up with Mrs. Squirrel for the umpteenth time and not saying a damn thing about how much I hate the show because I’m just so happy to have her.


another part of Unconditional love :slight_smile:

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