Unconditional love

Buy a dog. You can beat the hell out of it and it will still wag it’s tale when you walk in the room.

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Please don’t get a dog (or cat, child, boy or girlfriend, or any other kind of animal) just to beat it and still be loved. But if you’re into unquestioning, unwavering devotion, it’s tough to do better than a dog.


If love in fact isbeing with what is in relationship” (as the great Eastern minds assert and very easily explain), then it is inherently unconditional. BUT, if “love” is what we insist it is in the West (which is externalized dependence upon the stimulations provided by another), how can it be anything but conditional?

My family has unconditional love for each other. Trust me. If anything could have broken these bonds, well, we’ve already done it to each other and yet we still forgive.

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I relate to that dog.
Good joke though.

My dad liked to say, “The dog loves me more than you do. If I locked both of you in a closet for three days, when I opened the door the dog would still be happy to see me.”

He was a very strange person.

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Maybe he wasn’t strange. Maybe he was just ahead of his time.


I once talked to a guy who bragged about training dogs for dog fights. It was disgusting.