What is unconditional love and do you believe in it?

As above.

What’s your take on it?




Mothers show unconditional love


Yes I think it’s because there’s a natural strong bond its so strong that, if the relationship is strained it can seriously affect both parties. From my experience

Among all you Spiritual Lights what am I? A hole in the cosmos? Maybe that’s what I lack, unconditional love. My only true girlfriend in life and I had sexual love and I don’t believe anything else. She wouldn’t give me any space! It’s wrong and it’s not true love. What is True Love? Maybe all three kinds together.

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That’s a good question wat is true love?

Imo, it is unconditional love

Even though I’m not entirely sure what that is. Yet

I have unconditional love for my daughter. I wouldn’t say I love my fiancé unconditionally… we separated for a couple of weeks before, because he had feelings for someone else. Although we obviously got back together and I forgave him 100% and trust him now, if he ever made the same mistake again - that would be a deal breaker. I don’t think it’s really healthy to love unconditionally between two adults? Because it opens the door too all kinds of abuse.

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I think it’s possible to love unconditionally and at the same time set healthy boundaries,

I’m yet to read up about unconditional love

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I think selfless people can love unconditionally. But they’re practically saints and very rare. I think love is very rare and you’re extremely lucky if you find it. I never did. Mostly found men with ego problems and mostly cared about their ego.

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Unconditional love would be to trust/love someone without proof.

Every thing we see around is one way or the other, related to unconditional love.

I believe in it.

Example: If I am cycling and crossing the road. I trust that the car approaching the signal has seen me or the red light.

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There is no such thing as unconditional love.

Battered women show unconditional love and it’s killing them.

As far as the mothers having unconditional love thing goes,

What if your child is grows up to be totally toxic or some kind of child molester?

Are you going to love that?

No such thing as unconditional love,

And where there is,

I’ll show you an unhealthy relationship.

Also, what’s all this about “only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”?

That’s totally religious ■■■■■■■■ too.

Many, many selfish people have gone on to live rich, fulfilling lives,

Some would argue even more than people who spent their time letting others dictate their lives.


pets. definitely. I even got the sweatshirt.

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I agree.

There is an exception.

Pets do give and receive unconditional love.


I no longer believe in unconditional love although it comes pretty close for dogs.

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Love become true and unconditional if they (lover) pay the price for their love. (or face problems in love by society.)

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I love my daughter unconditionally so yes, I believe in it.

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I am saying that I find it fulfilling to help when I can.

It is a personal motto for me,

Do you still see a problem there?

Unconditional love, I still haven’t really researched into it.

But I get a good feeling about it.

And from what you say, that’s like a similar situation is my abusive ex boyfriend.

I don’t like him for what he did to me.

Btw I wasn’t perfect either.

But, showing unconditional love towards him to me just means that I don’t mean him any harm and that I wish well for him in the sense that he matures from his past ways

It doesn’t mean I am going to run back to him and kiss his feet.



So I believe in loving everyone unconditionally

But not necessarily liking everyone at one point in time.

Just cos I believe this I’m not saying everyone else should. Unless they want to

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