What to do when faced with "meds are evil" propaganda

so lets say you run into a group that propagate the idea that sz can be managed without meds
and that meds are doing more harm than good in all cases
what would you do?

there are many yt videos on this topic of evil meds and i’ve come by a group that share these videos as truth
i’m afraid they might sound like a revelation to an inexperienced mind
i feel like i should do something about it but what?


People like that fall into the same category as antivaxxers. They’re all idiots that are so convinced they’re right giving them facts won’t help you. There have been studies on it recently. Apparently when faced with facts they get more entrenched in their beliefs.


I don’t really like meds, they work, but the side effects are almost worse. at least in my case


Put the people(drug bashers) in a state run hospital with us who have delusions.Let them try to talk us out of the delusions?

What about those of us with MI who are violent? would they like to restrain them?(get their bu++s kicked). How would they do that? Put them in a full nelson wrestled to the ground until they promise to be good?

There are many with serious MI that is violent, but many who are not. What are they meaning to do then with that other fraction?

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I used to be that way. That’s why I weaned off. Then I relapsed and realized I still need them. I’d rather have a few side effects than be in a state of mind I don’t enjoy.


Ok so I don’t do meds. I just can’t. But these people sound like idiots meds can and do help many people.

Now are meds perfect? Hell no.

Are they gonna fix all of your problems? Probably not.

Are side effects really bad sometimes? yes.

But the pros outweigh the cons for a lot of people. So to say that pills are evil and no one should use them is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard. Smh.



I know I’d be in a bad, bad place without meds. The bad publicity surrounding them perplexes me.

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I’ve had ptoblems with meds in the past. But that was when stuff like Haldol and Navane were regularly being subscribed. The newer meds are much better, they get better every year. The meds I’m on now are a study drug, I do a lot of clinical trials. But I have high hopes that someday things will be a lot easier for people who come down with schizophrenia.


Some people have problems with even the idea that meds are required for getting better. And I’ve had negative experiences in the hospital and being on conservatorship and being hospitalized against my will for some pretty long periods. I do realize that in some cases, hospitals are necessary to make sure a person doesn’t hurt themselves. And the reality is, at least for me, that meds are very important for me to take and be compliant with.

we live in a country where freedom of speech is expressed on the internet. if you want to post white supremacist propaganda online for example that is your right under the current law as long as it doesn’t instigate violence against other people. you can say such and such race is inferior in whichever way you want, using this as an example there is freedom of expression as long as it doesn’t impinge on the rights of others.

if you find certain parts of the internet objectionable it is your responsibility as a mature person to avoid those sorts of sites. you can use your own freedom of speech to speak out against that which you find inappropriate.

even better, you can try and learn from what you have found troubling. even if it is all garbage in your opinion you can always learn a bit more about the psychology of those who have strange or disturbing views.

so speak out against it, avoid sites where such rhetoric is hosted, and work to promote what you consider to be appropriate stuff


What always gets me is how many anti meds/anti psychiatry promote themselves as ‘experts by experience’. .


not all of them could be considered anti meds, for example a certain guy (i won’t name) publishes an ebook about recovery alternatives but never speaks out directly against psychiatry or meds. i believe he is a psychologist. but i saw his website.


For some, there is simply no alternative. Some are so agitated and confused they have no control of themselves. Therefore, they must be controled outwardly.

Outwardly means people or restraints. No one can be kept in restaints constantly or be restrained by a person for long times.

Both pose risk to the patient and staff.

There is no magic “good behavior & sanity” fairy dust.

It would be nice if there was though.


True, but a high proportion of the self proclaimed ‘experts’ are.


Ok what do you mean? And what does it have to do with what I said?

Restraints are horrible but I don’t really see how that has anything to do with this topic I’m confused?

It would be nice if there was but there isnt.

But I’m just very confused why is this a reply to me???


It is not a critizism. It is to give a clearer understanding.

You said the pros out weigh the cons.

Even if there were many cons, there would be little else that can be done(for some who are very agitated and confused and violent.)

No offense was meant, so hoping your not thinking I was admonishing? Just meant to clarify there are no alternatives no matter what(for some).

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But that would mean that the pros would outweigh the cons… that’s what I said/meant. So we agree I guess???

I just was more confused than anything cause I wasn’t sure if you misunderstood me or thought I was anti med or something. especially since I said I don’t do meds I wasn’t sure if I got confusing???

My point is meds work for some people. Maybe not all people. But the majority definitely benefits. So the anti med crowd is uneducated.


ok. I am glad there is no misunderstanding between us.

I guess this is a bit of a sore spot for me still. One of my family members, was violent. It was terrible as he was a large young man of about 250 pounds.

Lets say I wittnessed a lot when he was confused and angry. Sore spot… no other option than meds. He commited suicide.


I ignore them. If they had our illnesses, they would take the meds too, believe me.

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I never know what to say. I can’t organize my thoughts well enough to speak clearly when confronted like this. I don’t do well in spats and end up crying, so I don’t say anything at all. My mother’s husband is a naturalist. He told me to take an herbal supplement instead of my blood thinners. I have a blood clotting disorder and have had extensive pulmonary embolisms twice and a deep vein thrombosis once, and I’m only 34! Yeah, an herb will be much better! I don’t say a thing, though; I just smile and nod. I can’t stand up for myself. If someone else was being picked on for it, I would step in, though.

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