Problem in this forum

All folks discuss here is how many Meds are you taking, which Med is better than the other med, How many times are you visiting the Psychiatrist, How is your Doctor…Its so negative and pessimistic. I dont believe this. Come on folks, please try to be more positive?

Don’t feed the troll folks.


The vast majority on this board are med-adherrant. If there was a board in which schizophrenics grouped together that were med-free, I’d be down for joining that board. It’s a weird dynamic here at times, and there’s very low tolerance of med-free schizophrenics.

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I dunno. Med-free people are kinda like atheists. They gotta make a big deal out of it instead of just be it.


I’m not against you guys being med free if you can handle it, just don’t shove it in my face because I can’t handle it. It’s terrible for me being without meds so I find it a bit obnoxious when people parade that, when I wish I could be med free but I just can’t. Sorry for the honesty but here it is.

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But he’s so hungry :slight_smile:

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I don’t take meds but i don’t preach about it either. I just do whatever works for me. If It wasn’t working then I’d try meds.


I would call taking proactive steps to deal with your illness far from negative. You haven’t exactly been a good role model for not taking meds.


i think the first thing i would ask an unmedicated sz is what are your symptoms?

If people are doing well off meds then fine. However it’s not fine when such people push the line that anyone taking meds is weak and misguided.

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Or that meds somehow turn you into an emotionless robot. Sheesh. Some days I wish they did!


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Op argued meds make you go to hell or something :neutral_face:

How you respond to what you hear from others depends largely on your expectations and what mood you’re in. If you’re feeling down, someone who is very happy is going to be hard for you to relate to, and vice versa. Just take what you need and leave the rest. If a post is a downer to you skip it. Find one that more suits your mood.

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I have been on psych Meds since I was a kid - Yes, i am tired of taking Antipsychotics.

Some meds have worsened my condition, plus there are all of the side effects that I have to deal with.

I wish that there was another way, but I dont think that I would go far without medication.

Without meds, I would either end up dead, in jail or placed in the psych ward for a very long time.

Yeah I Bitch about taking these meds from time to time, but I am far from being Anti - Medication or Anti psychiatry.

My little one person business beat out several big businesses in town for a Community Spirit award last week. That’s in recognition of my contribution to the community as a volunteer and organizer. The amateur broadcasting project I brought into my kid’s school is picking up steam. I started a new job a couple of months ago. Upgraded my driver’s license, passed a whackload of certifications on the first try, got moved up to full-time, and got a dollar per hour raise from a happy boss.

LOTS of positives in my life. I’m also positive I wouldn’t have these positives if I was off meds. I’ve proved that out many times. Sorry if my sharing how my meds have made me a successful husband, father, and community member bothers you.



Good for you. 151515

Ideally most of us would prefer not to take meds , but for some of us despite the shortcomings of meds the question is "How worse off would I be without meds? "
Due to varying degrees of lack of self awareness I am not always sure that is a question we can answer alone. Family/friends and mental health professionals may spot things that we overlook or turn a blind eye to.
Within going for my depot I often ask myself “Do I need it?” I profess to having serious doubts. Yet actions from the professionals indicate they think differently. They have obviously looked at how I was before regular meds and how I am now, and,whilst accepting the meds don’t do a perfect job, have decided that I am better in some ways for being on meds.

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I’d said that considering Consciousness remains on death of the body, and considering that Consciousness and its craving triggers rebirth, being Medicated at the time of death would lead to a lack of awareness in the consciousness and due to it and considering the above to be true - the result would not be a good rebirth. I never said the word Hell.

I’m much more aware on medication than I was ever off them. I don’t think you understand awareness or what a person with sz goes through in the mind to make that assumption. But you are the only one here that tried to put a delusional belief like this one in the minds of delusional people. That’s harrassment.

I actually like you saurav, and feel for you. It’s not easy being mentally ill in India, but you refuse help. Since you refuse help no one can help you.

Don’t shove your beliefs down our throats. Everyone respects you, try and do the same.

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Do you have proof of this ? Or is this wild speculation?