So we know that the meds are crap but they work

imagine if they really worked and weren’t crap.

So far they can only treat the symptoms of sz, not cure it. I hate the med’s too, but I know what happens when I don’t take them.

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i find this offensive.

what about this is offensive? theres no picture of a madman in a straight jacket here

Go figure…there was no straight jacket in the picture either, it was a regular white dress shirt. And he wasn’t mad,he was just thinking of the pres…never mind.

Meds are crap but they work. I concur. I wish like hell I didn’t have to take them. I am scared not to take them. So that’s that.

■■■■ I hear ya. I just took mine too and I hate them. Im afraid to end up in the corner again thinking that the russian mafia is after me

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I am still delusional as hell. Completely convinced I am being monitored, watched and controlled 24/7 but meds keep me from going psychotic. I am functional with my delusion. When I get psychotic, I lose control completely, act like a f**kin nutcase and end up in the ward. Meds help me avoid that.

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i would say try to embrace it. thats what my lady friend tells me. I can relate to being completely cuckoo though after not taking meds and that is just not an option anymore.

I’ve landed in jails and institutions. I become dangerously paranoid and even defensive or aggressive. Thinking that there is a plot against me. Ive been a danger to my own family, because i believed things that were not true.
Its pretty scary

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I had a violent episode my first night at the ward. I was convinced a medical document book had secrets about my family in it. I snatched it out of a nurses hands and became very defensive. I thought I knew martial arts and was ready to take on everyone. 4 people tackled me, shot me in the azz and threw me in isolation overnight. Not good.

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damn, you just can’t prepare for something like this. Even if you were in an earthquake you would still have your wits about you. But at least you have a good place to stay for now and support even though they don’t understand.

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Ya, I am safe where I am at and very blessed to be here. That is very true. I wish I didn’t have to take meds and wish I lived in the same reality as everyone else but…oh well. is what it is.

I just tell myself that i need these meds to function now. Its really not as strange as it seems to us but because we are the ones experiencing it we get so down on ourselves. Think of all the famous people who have dealt with stuff like this. you wouldn’t look at carrie fisher and say that psycho rip

You’re right and I am sure there are even more famous people than we know who are afraid of being shamed if they were honest about their mental health issues. The world is hard on the MI.


Would it be accurate to interpret what you’re saying is that the meds do work, but the side effects are debilitating?

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Yes but barely

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Meds and talking therapy go hand in hand. It’s one of the reasons the pdocs do have a degree in phycology as well as medicine.

Meds aren’t that bad u just have to find the one that works best for u, u should be thankful that these meds even exist in the first place it could be worse.

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