What the hell is going on with my eye?

For a few days now I’ve had something swelling up just above my eye, between the upper eyelid and the eyebrow. Now it kinda looks like there’s something going on just under that eye.

I don’t know why there would be an abscess there, but idk what else it would be. My bud suggested spider bite, like maybe a wolf spider climbed onto my face while I was sleeping. It’s possible.

Have you been to the doctor?

I don’t have insurance.

No free clinic’s there? eye is not something to ignore

That’s ■■■■■■ up… sorry for the language.

Do you have no options? No way to get this looked at for free?

A bug bite is a strong possibility. I hope it passes as most things do.

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Nope. I get free mental health care, but can’t get a free primary care doctor. My only real option is to go to urgent care, but that costs $100 just to be seen. I might wait another day or two to see if it gets any worse.

■■■■… I’m sorry. That’s horrible.

Might be a sty. Try warm compresses. It’s not a replacement for a doctor but it might make it feel better.


Did you eat anything in particular then wiped your eye?

No, not that I recall.

@ZombieMombie, isn’t it a little high up to be a sty? It’s right at the upper part of the eye socket, the orbit.

I misunderstood. It could be a really annoying zit. I’ve had them co.e up near my eyebrow but never come to a head . Just swell and hurt. A warm compress should help regardless.

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Could it be an eczema? Do you have atopic skin?

No, I’ve never had eczema.

I think a bug bite makes sense


Another vote for bug bite. I slept directly on the carpet once and woke up with the same thing. Not sure if it was a mosquito bite or something horrible living in the carpet. It went down in a couple of days.

Would it help to go ask a pharmacist? Just guessing, but they may be able to tell you if an antihistamine or something might help.


I’m thinking bug bite as well. If it doesn’t show signs of improvement within 2 weeks, then I’d recommend getting it checked out as soon as those 2 weeks are up.

it could be milia.if it is you don t have to be worried about

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Just a suggestion-it might be an allergic reaction to a certain type of makeup or shampoo. Does it itch?