What the hell is going on with my eye?

Yeah. That’s what I thought. Or an allergy?

Can you ask your pharmacist? They may know and you wouldn’t have to pay a doctor fee.

I can’t say for certain what it is but I agree that it’s too high to be a sty. I think you should only worry if it starts to impair your vision and if so, then suffer the $100 urgent care tab. Hope you feel better.

Edit: Annoying as ■■■■ no doubt.

I would draw a line around it as soon as you get home from work. If the red area goes outside the line overnight, especially if there is streaking, go to the doctor right away! It is probably just a bite, but if it spreads rapidly, feels warm to the touch, and is streaking, it could be a MRSA infection. I get those. They require immediate treatment with heavy antibiotics. And if you get the antibiotics, you’ll also want to buy a probiotic, because the antibiotics can cause C. Diff, which is a horrible diarrhea that can be expensive to treat. The probiotics can prevent that from happening.


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