Was told what my eye condition was today

idk if anyone remembers or is interested but i have had problems with my eyes off and on for a while now and now after getting these things in my eyes that make my lids swell up i have been told that i have a chronic condition known as blepharitis, which never really goes away and it sucks because i will have to wipe and clean my eyes every day to stop it getting out of control.

anybody else got this?

I don’t, but it’s better to have it diagnosed with a treatment plan than not.

Mr Turtle has blepharitis. His is caused by his rosacea.

We have spent a lot of time at the eye and ear hospital recently because it caused an ulcer on the back of his cornea.

I feel for you having it. It’s such an insidious thing to deal with. Good luck.

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sorry you have it as well, that sounds serious :frowning:

just got to try and keep cleaning them

no it’s my partner who has it, not me - thankfully.

Good luck with it.

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they say that is more common over the age of 50 but that anyone can get it, i’m 33 :frowning: must just be very unlucky

My mum just came back from the Caribbean with a corneal infection. The doctors were freaking out in case it was some sort of tropical disease. She was given a load of eye drops and stuff.

I wear my contact lenses hell of a lot, I hope I don’t get any problems.