What should I do

At my regular grocery store I see this woman often. She is a sales person at the store and is at the same age as I am. I like her and I am attracted to her. I do not know much about her other than she is quite nice. Of course, people at the store are paid to be nice, but somehow I like her behavior more. I am just too shy to do anything at this point. What should I do?

If you’re too shy to do anything, why are you asking for advice? Look and see if there is a ring on her finger.

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There was no ring as I remember, maybe I am not too shy, because I always say polite words to her.

The next step is to ask her if she’s got a guy.

Yea,your not too shy…I am too shy to even talk properly or logically with a random girl or cashier,I don’t want to blame but I think it’s psychosis or anxiety maybe

just say your awesome id really like to meet with you sometime heres my number no pressure and walk off like james dean! what have you got to loose?

ask her out for a coffee, and see what happens, the worst she can say is no , she will be flattered that you like her.
take care

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Oooh nice. You will do well, but remember that she is at work so if she is slow to answer that’s probably why. I’m not sure if you shouldn’t ask her her for her number instead. I’ll text my brother to see what he says.

Either way tell us how it goes and watch the movie Swingers. Don’t take it literally. It’s good for a laugh when you’re going through the whole stressful dating process.

Thanks for you input, I think I just let the future to show what happens. For me it is a big step to start any relationship with a woman, because I have not had any relationship in the past 15 years. The future shows what happens.

Sometimes we can place barriers on what we can or can not do. I’d advice you to have something you love about yourself, maybe a talent you have. If you don’t have the courage to break those barriers, your going to continue to have them. I learned life is to short to worry about the small things, the regret of not doing what is in your best interest is more then the negative possibilities of what could happen.

Or in the world nowadays you have to ask her if she is really a guy.

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I understood that, that’s why I deleted it. I was trying to say something funny but it didn’t come out right. sorry about that man @77nick77

I have had my problems with drugs. You’ve been through this life a lot longer than me. And have dealt with schizophrenia for 30 plus years. It probably takes great character to have been through what you’ve been through. I am only 18 and only have had schizophrenia for 4 years. @77nick77

Thanks. No problem…

I found out that she was married, my luck, maybe next time I have a better luck. :smile: