What should i do?


Its been a rough 2 nights, i might have slept an hour out of them… I didnt even go to work today, as i was half awake half asleep, you know that mode !!

I spoke to the Psychiatrist and he said i must take klonopin so he gave me like 10 mg in total. Ive taken 2 so far and i still feel like my eyes are the size of the moon !!

I could honeslty go jogging along the beach right now at 11pm.

Should i take more klonopin like maybe another 2 mg so it can hit me harder so i can try sleep?
I really need to sleep :confused:

Any suggestions?


What time did u take it. Sometimes takes a while to really kick in.


I took 1 mg 2 hours ago and another 1 mg an hour ago


Just lay down in a dark room and force yourself to relax.

The Klonopin will kick in and you’ll be asleep soon.

Also, maybe eat something, that might make the Klonopin work faster.


The one thing klonopin works for me is it puts me to sleep usually takes about an hour but maybe longer for u. U say u have an issue with benzos you don’t wanna keep taking them. Klonopin is a mild drug but take enough of it you can black out


Thanks, ill do that. Im lying in bed now, hopefully i fall asleep :star:


Yea he only gave me a weeks prescription, he didnt want to give me a sleeping pill which is fine.

Klonopin has knocked me out before at 2 mg so maybe i must just wait a little longer, fuuck knows


What country are you from? And what ap are you on?


South Africa.

Im not on any AP

I stopped them all 3 months ago.

But im considering eating 35 mg of zyprexa i have left over if i cant get to sleep in the next hour


You’re only two hours ahead of me. I’m from the UK. Why did you stop your meds? And do you still get any schizophrenia symptoms. Also I’m coming off my meds in March.


Yes i get symptoms, but im managing ! It is easier on APs, but at a cost !!

The odds need to weight up in my favour, not the Psychiatrists favour…

I want to change the world. Sitting at home cause i cant function due to APs, is not recovery in my books !


When min 101 comes out ill give it a try.


Lat night my brain was getting hacked if i lay on my left side of my body !!

When i turned and lay on the right side the same hacking took place.

I couldnt turn one way with out the hacking getting into my brain !!


Isnt Klonopin like the strongest benzo? what do u mean its mild?


No it’s the long acting but one of the more mild ones. Xanax is pretty strong. But shorter lasting


Ah i read its the strongest one.


0.5 klonopin is equivalent to the highest 10 mg valium tablet !!


The link didn’t work for me but Idk I may be wrong


Any closer to falling asleep @Wallafish?


U such a nice person. So caring. I’ve seen on your other posts…

Thanks I managed to get a few hours which is great.