I saw my pdoc today

He said that he didn’t know I have stopped taking Klonopin last October. Actually he strongly advised against me not taking the Klonopin. As far as I know my only problem is insomnia which started when I stopped Klonopin. I agreed today to start taking the Klonopin again. I asked my sister if she thought I have anxiety, and she said yes. My pdoc apparently thinks so too. In the last several weeks I’ve had three panic attacks. But mostly I want to sleep at night. I bought my Klonopin today. With my insurance, it was cheap - $1.07. My pdoc told me to go to bed at 8pm, taking the Klonopin. This I am going to do tonight. I hope I get some sleep.


Hope it helps. I always found benzo’s were great for getting me to sleep. Good your working with your psydoc on it. Always good to have them in the loop.

I don’t think you have anything to lose. Sleep is necessary especially for busy minds!

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