Mind feels speed up. Klonopin?

New to klonopin and on for over a week. Been good. Less high anxiety more moder ate. But Mind racing before bed pat 2 dsys wit a cray feeling, starts in bed. No thoughts just woooshing. Fast. Super alert. I’ve been gettinh symptoms sobe before Cmas. … this new. Could it be klonopin? Ears ringing and I feel wired. I’ve been having more illusions too. Otherwise I like klonopin.

Sounds like symptoms of Mania.
Doesn’t sound like a side effect of Klonopin.
I would talk to your doctor about it.

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Thanks @Wave yeah somethings up.
Ive been off, symptoms of approaching llness for a while. I can’t get back to sleep now.and prob sleep is important. Thanks if my mind can’t calm then I’ll call my dr.
I have also been getting more afraid of every sound past week. And more scared of people watching and recording me. I feel like they the people are planted everywhere.
I should just be enjoying life right now.

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I take Klonipin. Klonipin has a relaxing, calming effect on a person. Not what you describe. What you describe sounds like mania. I would talk to my pdoc if I were you.

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Thank you. Yes klonopin has been good for the calming effect. I think the symptoms that I am experiencing with not sleeping are outside of klonopim i agree. Not sure if it’s mania as I have no motivation and no increased energy… but can’t sleep. Some symptoms are acting up so I think it’s just another one going to keep an eye on things

How much Klonopin do you take and what time do you take it @Insightseeker?

.5mg a day .25 twice a day

Yeah that’s a small dose @Insightseeker.
Maybe something else is going on.
It’s best to talk to your doctor.

The typical start dose is .25 to .5 For anxiety usual dose is 1mg but Im very sensitive to medication si he started me small even though I’m so anxious.
… anyhow, I agree not the med at all… its me beginning to feel unwell. My mind feels messy.
I think Klonopin helping me sleep though more than I would right now.
He knows my symptoms are starting but he can’t see me very often. I have to wait and hopefully get better or if I get worse I go to emergency before my next appointment. They won’t do anything for you except hospitalize you. Very frustrating
Thanks @Wave !

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Well, good luck @Insightseeker.
Are you from the States?

No not U.S. but I don’t out any specifics on here because I don’t want them to find me somehow. For you I know you are safe because you joined long before I did. I feel safe here so far. There are people collecting personal information about me outside this site to use against me, making anything I do look wrong. For real.

Klonopin is a benzo which means it does the exact opposite of that. It is supposed to calm you.

Yeah I realize it calms me. When wrote the post was thinking it was the med that was messing me up not letting me sleep but I think it was helping me sleep more than I probably would have without it. I have something else going on I think just keeping an eye. Thanks @Anna

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@Anna and all out of them. I’m having trouble getting the prescription refill sent over for some reason they aren’t getting it but it’s supposed to be sent to them and they are trying to send it. Hopefully I don’t get any withdrawal

I hope not! Good luck

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