What’s the best for negative symptom

What did you take,and what sort of difference did it make for you,please help elaborate before and after taking supplement/meds

CBT and physical exercise…
No meds truly help.


I had tried cbt many times,I always do physical exercise

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Supplements which help with negative symptoms include

NAC with cofactors like selenium. Doctor’s best brand NAC have such a formulation.

Sarcosine family supplements like TMG, DMG etc

Its best to take these supplements early morning on an empty stomach as these can interfere with sleep if take late.

For blunted or flat affect phosphatidylserine soy version find useful. Need to take it before sleep or nap. Effects appear few hours afterwards.

I tried NAC and sarcosine with no effects whatsoever, except placebo for 2 days maybe.

Have you took selenium with NAC? NAC alone will not work.

I don’t remember, as it was 4 years ago, but probably not.

I found that celexa, which is a SSRI, helped a great deal with negative symptoms.

My pdr said Abilify is the best for negative symptoms but I have bad side effects from it.

You can ask your doctor about adding a very low dose of Abilify to your Risperdal.
It could also help with lowering prolactin.

I’m talking about 5mg of Abilify.

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That’s what I am unsure about, I will ask my pdr about it and I am not even sure if he knows it:
Does Abilify treat negative symptoms or it only causes less because it blocks dopamine less than other meds?

I know that Abilify is a weaker ap vs other meds like Risperdal and Clozapine etc because it blocks dopamine less than these.

My pdr apt is this week, I will ask him and report here.


if its for lack of motivation, you just have to take action. pick something and just do it. You won’t feel like doing it so just try anyways.

this is easier said than done

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I will go with the safest option, add 5mg Abilify to 3mg Risperdal. I hope the pdr accepts because he didn’t want to prescribe Abilify and anything related after I told him my Abilify side effects.

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SSRIs make me psychotic but Wellbutrin helps and so does Latuda. Still have negatives just not as bad.

I’ve tried a nootropic called Noopept, and it worked acceptably at a higher dose. Nootropics aren’t a good idea for everyone though, and you really gotta do your research.

I keep it simple and use l theanine and tea or coffee

There really is no good med for neg symptoms.

For some people, antidepressants work. I’m on Lexapro and that’s doing a decent job, although I definitely still have negs. For others, a low dose of something like Abilify or Vraylar can do the trick.

Really though, from what I’ve seen both in my own life and in schizophrenics online, there’s probably not a med out there where you’ll take it and all of a sudden your negative symptoms are gone. They’re always gonna be there


TMG supplement useful for negative symptoms. Its a combo supplement. It have antidepressant effect, it provides more oxygen to cells thus improves energy levels, it act like a stimulant thus reduces drowsiness, it improves libido and testosterone levels. It have anti anxiety benefits thus useful for managing stress, stressful situations, OCD behaviors etc.

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