What Movies Are or Could Be About Schizophrenia?

Everytime I think about Akira, I think “That’s totally about sz.” I know officially it isn’t, but the warped experiences in that movie have only been experienced by people with psychosis. The comic goes even deeper. It’s unnerving to me.

Also, the Others is a nice creepy movie that seems to be about a woman with a lot of psychosis going on. I know it’s actually a spooky movie, but I’ve come to identify it as more of a psychosis movie now.

The Firefly/Serenity series is my favorite representation of schizophrenia in fiction. Summer Glau does such a great job of portraying an ongoing battle with psychosis.

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when watching the hellraisers i couldn’t help but think that it seemed to relate to bad psychosis

Signs is a good movie about schizophrenia

I remember some years ago, my brother convinced me to watch a movie called The Social Network. I think it was a movie about the creation of facebook. that movie is one of the first to come to my mind, when I think about my paranoid schizophrenia.

yet again, I rarely watch movies; so it might be the only movie I can remember.

I’ve heard the movie “Beautiful Mind” is about a mathematician who becomes schizophrenic (based on a true story, too.) I still have yet to watch it; not really a movie person.

12 monkeys, inception, a beautiful mind, shutter island.

12 monkeys- looking in the past for a cure-normal state of mind, with variables of metaphoric insanity

A beautiful mind- John Nash

Inception- take your guess

Shutter island- He was looking for a looney, and he ends up being the “missing” looney
-trying to escape mental divergency, figuring out it was himself who he was running from and trying to find all along.


Donnie Darko,
The Science of Sleep,
Sucker Punch,

are obvious ones.


The matrix,

Also the 13th floor.


Everything by David Lynch.


The day I started to believe I was the chosen one and God was omnipotent, the matrix came on in the psychiatric ward I was in. Really fed into my delusion and scarred me for a long time. Then again pretty much everything I could do was a delusion of reference at that point in my life. I’d see birds and think God was sending me signs. The bright point is it got me more in touch with nature.


That Pink Floyd movie, The Wall.

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Take Shelter.

As far as books go, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell seems to be describing psychosis to me.

What the ■■■■ type of psych ward would play a movie like that? Would’ve mentally scarred me for years.

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There was a movie room and they had a large selection of vhs movies and this train hopping hippie heroin addict with dreadlocks (who I actually got really close with, but that’s how I’d describe him :grin:) put it on and I walked in and thought it was speaking to me. Thought my clozaril symbolized the blue pill after I saw it lol!

movies that have people in the afterlife in them as characters

and a story written by a schizophrenic would be something like guluber’s travels like neverending bowlshit

The machinist. Apparently the guy’s issues in it are due to sleep deprivation but if you ask me he had some form of sz

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It kind of does in a way, symbolically speaking.

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The Game (paranoia)
A Beautiful Mind
The Truman Show
Black Mirror (TV Show)
The Matrix
The X-Files (TV Show–episodes often mention schizophrenia)
The Machinist (paranoia/guilty conscience)
American Ultra

there are many more I can’t think of right now but Hollywood is heavily influenced by all forms of mental illness and the creativity it generates, especially in relation to science fiction

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The main character in The Machinist (Trevor Reznik) was based on Nine Inch Nails lead singer Trent Reznor. I think he mentioned in an interview about his battle with drug addiction and possibly mental illness.