Movies about schizophrenia

  1. Clean, shaven
  2. Angel Baby
  3. Revolution #9
  4. Angels of the Universe
  5. Shutter Island
  6. The Soloist

That’s all I’ve got. A Beautiful Mind is grossly inaccurate and frankly it is ■■■■■■■■. Props to John Nash, all due respect, read the book don’t watch the movie.

Anyone have movies to make a list of ten?


I read somewhere Donnie Darko is about the kid experiencing schizophrenia symptoms. Personally I didn’t see it in the movie. Thanks for the list MM. Have you see “Green Lantern” with Ryan Reynolds? It is well-hidden but the course of action of the villain in the movie is littered with references to schizophrenia symptoms, it develops a bit further into the movie but I thought it was a clever nudge to us SZ…

Call Me Crazy:

A film with 5 short stories about various people having Schizophrenia, it’s really interesting how they tie it all together to make one story. From people dealing with the disorder on their own, to how family members have to deal with those of with the illness. Though I admit some of the illnesses sounded more like PTSD, and one was more Bi-polar, but they all tell one great story about mental illness in America and how it not only affects the patients but the people close to them as well.


I second your thoughts on A Beautiful Mind. Read the Book!

By the way, Angel Baby (1995) is my favorite. It actually makes me cry like a child every time I watch it, which is once a year. I watched it this past week because school was canceled due to snow days. I seriously cried. Proof that I am not a psychopath maybe.

It’s by far the most realistic and down to earth one. Clean, Shaven is more of a thriller that uses schizophrenia, while Angel Baby does not use the illness, it’s just about the illness.

I hate how some people don’t even know what schizophrenia actually is.

Better yet, those who know what it is think we are all the same.

Look at me, ■■■■■■■■■■■■■! I am not your average looney!

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I always relate Inland Empire to schizophrenia, it’s one of my favorite films. It is a very weird film and makes you as the viewer feel rather psychotic instead of merely displaying such facts. Truly a masterpiece from David Lynch.

Several of my symptoms can be seen in:

The fourth kind.

The craft.

Emily rose.

The last exorcism.

The golden child.



What was that one called with pan in it? C.S. Lewis book? Talking animals? Snow witch bitch? Asslan? Im drawing a blank here.

Close encounters had some of my symptoms.

Good old harry potter had some of my symptoms believe it or not.

Even lord of the rings had some elements of my “disease”.

Paranormal activity.

Just to name a few.


silver lining is pretty new and is a love story about a man with sz,

i tried to watch it but i just can’t watch things like that bc it hits too close to home (if you know what i mean)

i don’t really want to be reminded of that part of my life tbh.

its a kind of funny story.

boy gets admitted at a pschyc ward for his depression,
and meets people with all kinds of illness, including

When I was diagnosed with schizophrenia I had no idea what that was. My psychiatrist told me to go home and watch a Beautiful Mind. Of course I was in a hospital so when I got out I went to Blockbuster and rented the movie. I was like I don’t have that, perhaps that’s why it took me almost six years to accept it. I have never seen another sz movie but my wife watches Criminal Minds and the killer is usually sz or delusional.

My favorite movie to watch is Conspiracy Theory but I must say I have never come face to face with “them”. I will see if I can find some of these other movies.

the most reecent one on scz i watched was the voices

12 Monkeys comes to mind, although not specifically about sz.

I like movies with the premise of what would happen if your delusions were real? The first Matrix has that feel too.


I liked A Beautiful Mind - the vivid interactive visual hallucinations, although unrealistic, was a way to add some excitement to a Hollywood film - audiences love this kind of stuff, and the producers and director was aware of it.
I thought as a whole it was a positive film on mental illness, it was not a doom and gloom film for the most part.
Russell Crow was very good in the film - it is one of my favorite movies on mental illness, I also liked Donnie Darko and Mr Jones with Richard Gere, but this was on bipolar

Another good one is The Fisher King. It’s a Terry Gilliam movie with Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges in it for those who aren’t familiar.

There’s a bit of PTSD thrown in with the sz, and it takes a few liberties like A Beautiful Mind. It’s a good flick though.

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I am number 4!!!

In addition to those I have
Spider. ----creepy
Canvas------ realistic family
Cavemans valentine ---- homeless guy

I recently watched The Voices… Couldn’t decide if I should recommend it or not as it’s funny, sad and horrifying all at the same time.

Benny and Joon
Black Swan
Frankie & Alice
The Great Gatsby
Rain Man (Autistic)
Take Shelter

Angel Baby and Clean,Shaven seem to depict schizophrenia (not necessarily the outcome) best.

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Haven’t seen it but have had my eye on this one for sometime. Just on-line purchase make me a bit squeamish

As for The voices I got just past the deer scene and said nope! No more of this for me. Outraged was the word.

Other then that a few after school specials come to mind but I can’t remember the names of any of the movies. Sorry on that.

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Movies about sz suck. A documentary might be ok but every movie about sz that I know of is unrealistic garbage