What makes you very very angry?

For me it’s racist people.I know there always gonna be evil people like the racists but I like to dream my Utopian dream of a place where all kinds of people from all kinds of races and backroungds get along and live happy. :heart:


The way the politics of the world are run. It makes me angry to see such insensitivity going around.
I hardly watch the news anymore.


Loud noises and repetetive sounds. And some other sounds like whistling. Whistling makes me really angry.


When someone hurts a child for their own need.


Picked up my phone, was going to check it since I’m waiting for a call… Then the stupid phone starts updating because I accidentally touched ONE button. No confirmation box at all and no way to cancel the installation. So now I could have missed that very important call and there is no way to know.

Very angry. :rage: If phones had feelings I would smash it with a hammer.


People way beyond the range of those who should know about me being intensely involved in my personal life. It’s a heinous violation of my privacy.


Unprofessional people
People who abuse animals especially for sport
Racist people


I like generous people. Even if i don’t have a lot of money, helping others is a priority. I paid my aunt’s doctor bills. She has a wealthy sister. I don’t see how she wouldn’t help her. I don’t like indifference. it’s rare for me to get angry though. I don’t like people who go to church and pretend they’re good and do all kinds of bad things. I absolutely hate when parents put difference in their kids. Parents should always love their kids equally. I don’t like sexism and racism. Children should always be loved and understood.


Gay marriage and civil marriage should be allowed everywhere. Having a maid in your house for 150$ a month is slavery.


What makes me “very very angry?”

Waking up psychotic and in withdrawal from meds and vomiting. My reaction is not curl up in a ball and die, my reaction is sit and suffer until the meds kick in and then work my ass off. It’s like getting hit or knocked down in a fight, it just makes me angry and I sort of learned to enjoy the pain because it means that I am being challenged.

I am sitting in bed right now gagging up my coffee and meds right now. This is just a normal morning. When this clears up, I immediately go from taking it to hunting down my goals, methodically and incessantly.

I am also just sort of angry with life at all times and can unleash on things in a calculating manner. For example, when I sit down to study or write, I do it all in one sitting without even stopping to sip water. I go all or nothing. I do the whole thing at once or I don’t even show up. Then I can hold my composure despite being irate for the whole day and then go exercise.

I just sort of am angry, but I use it well and for good.

I have more disorders than just schizophrenia, which is a big part of why I am always angry and how I live in that state.

This is getting too personal.

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Female genital mutilation, rape, racism, people who drive below the speed limit in good weather, and fairy-tale stories about psychiatric medications.


bad coffee :coffee:
" yuk !?! "… :imp:
take care :alien:

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Someone lying on me and criticizing me (in a non-tactful way) makes me very very angry.

Arrogant people that believe they really know what’s going on. There is a person on this site that makes me want to kick his ass. oh well, he’ll get his one day.

My body pisses me off.

Not the fact that it’s ugly but because it’s made of rotting things and bones.

My rotting lungs piss me off. Flesh pisses me off.

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Too many things to count… I’ll try to name some of them as I can think of them.

  1. Child birth. (Third time I had to hear of it this month and this is the third.)
  2. The currents laws that do not uphold the actual meaning of the word Law which is: Balance, Justice, Harmony.
  3. Parents who think it’s only the teachers job to do any teaching then get upset (or so angry that they verbally abuse them) that their child doesn’t want to go to school.
  4. Gossip.
  5. Half-hearted thoughts that people like to call opinions.
  6. When you make a point that hits where it should then others continue to rationalize irrational behavior by saying a whole lot of nothing.
  7. Vultures of the media that extol murder/criminals by immortalizing them.
  8. People giving into the delusion of security thinking we need to make a ‘safer’ world instead of a saner one.

… Too many things and I can go on and on

Given how things are “run” here, I don’t understand why this is either “healthy” or allowed to continue. (Well?)

I’m not a very angry person.


#1 what my parents did to me.

#2 being told what happened or is actually happening didn’t happen or isn’t real.

#3 being taken advantage of and lied to.

#4 (#1?) Criminals who live as respectable upstanding members or their community and get away with that.


What did your parents do to you, if you don’t mind me asking?

The blatant taking of personal rights of any person in any country.