What makes you very very angry?

The US health insurance system.

Loosing my temper. No, really. It really upsets me when I loose my temper and have a hard time controlling my anger. I always think how stupid and immature that is to do.

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Its kind of personal. One thing is when people abuse me. Another is related to my narcisitic needs. I get very angry with people, even the people who support me, if I feel like Im ignored. This is my real problem I think, can stand being ignored.

Watching local blacks even harm their own family if the pastor tells them to follow God instead of Mental Care…People following orders from voices to hurt someone and they choose to go to jail for long time, while in other cities the crazy ones can say NO to demands for violence and say they ‘dont want to end up in jail’.

Listening to wealthy whites brag about running the world…

Churches full of out-of-towner sniveling, back stabbing nutties who harass locals. Jobs got overrun so bad by stupid or nuts, things are going bankrupt, screwing local employees repeatedly at different jobs and locals leaving with nothing but a bag for better options elsewhere.

Ignorant people who feed their ego by humiliating and bullying others.
Self absorbed parents and moms whose top conversation ends up with the color of baby’s poop.
People making rude comments on others people look.
People born with I’m so righteously offended look. Im still searching for a word.
People who live in a junk but still proud of their sacred patriotism/nationalism.

Stupid, meaning limitated, people generally.

Sometimes though, I’m more angry at myself.

Jackoffs who pull out in front of me, forcing me to slam on my brakes and then drive UNDER the speed limit!

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