What makes you angry?


I’ve been very mellow these past days. There is still stress, and there is still panic and anxiety, but I just haven’t been angry about much of anything. I’m fine with that. I hate the taste of anger.

But my slightly younger brother confessed to a past action that really changed my entire families life and turned me upside down when I was around 22 or so.

He put a lot of drugs in my room that caused my parents to reach the final straw, that broke my rehab and sobriety and resulted in me ending up homeless for a while. He confessed to doing that. I’m still sort of numb and it’s not really registering.

My sis is STILL very angry about my slightly younger brothers confession and she has very quietly asked me how I’m not in a rage fit about this. Honestly… I have no idea.

What makes you angry?


Opinionated angry excitable toxic people make me angry - I like quiet reserved humble types


the list is too long, but i do like cupcakes…
take care


Stale cupcakes infuriate me.


I never get angry, but sometimes every little thing irritates me.


Symptoms make me angry. I am irate when I am psychotic. It’s weird, I get angry and can’t help but feel intense anger when I am psychotic. Like this morning. I was psychotic for about 12 hours and pissed at everything


self righteous,judgemental people…


My medications aren’t working. I’m unstable so I’m angry at everything, especially the neighbor who is blasting his stereo day and night.


One thing that always bothers me, even if only a little is being told to do something while I am in the middle of doing the thing I’m being told to do. Not sure why, I don’t mind direction but something about someone telling me to do something while I am doing it just irks me.


This is a really strange one. People who drink sports drinks but don’t work out. I guess I feel like they are trying to act all cool about something they have nothing to do with.


Being made of flesh, it ■■■■■■■ sucks.


being forced to do something I don’t want to do makes me angry, and people who know the truth but don’t accept it


You have got to be kidding - right?


I am developing a love of the little two bite cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles. You got to have the little sprinkles. They are so easy to bake. They barely take 10 minutes to bake up. I like the chocolate ones with coffee and the light vanilla lemon ones with tea.


I have been learning how to bake bread lately. I think cupcakes just made it on the list of what to try next. Frosting and sprinkles for the win :wink:


When I was young I liked to cook and bake. I baked bread regularly for a while. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread.

As far as what makes me angry, today I got another spam email from MacPhee’s company again. I had to sign up last year to comment on one of his posts and they spammed me. I unsubscribed shortly after.

Today they decided that unsubscribe doesn’t really mean it and they spammed me again. They even mentioned in the spam that I had unsubscribed in 2013.

I found it ridiculous that they included another link to unsubscribe in this latest spam.


I get angry when somebody lies on me and constantly talks about me in a negative way. However, I try my hardest to keep my cool cause you know those haters want to see you lose your cool.


who ever invented cupcakes is a genius, it is like a whole cake in minature and you can have at least four of them at the same time, genius !?!
take care


Yeah, genius. I think it was actually either Thomas Edison or the Wright Brothers who invented cupcakes. It was Albert Einstein who loved jelly beans.


they should get a nobel peace prize, you can not be angry with a cupcake in your hand, maybe the UN should hand out cupcakes…
take care