What makes you irate and how do you deal with it?

Sometimes I have no explanation why I am irate I guess I’m mad at god or lack thereof. But there was a man on his cel phone walking down the middle of the street that I was driving on and I just put my foot down let some horses accelerate and he moved quickly to the side of the street I wasn’t intent on running him over just I was irate.

In my view millions of people become irate everyday and on occasions end up being a victim to their own actions. Mentally ill or not. I’m told to just think of good things. But I don’t know what triggers my irate behavior.

But I have to cool off. Ever since I stopped my herbal medication I have been agitated. The weather has been overwhelmingly hot and I think that has much to do with it. Well who u are and whatever u may believe just all come together. Wish the whole world had one united vision. But I laugh at that because when I think of it I become pessimistic. Well whatever hope for god to do the right thing.

The neighbor kid pressing repeat on her Frozen CD 24/7. Let It Go already. Enough is enough. :princess:

When people don’t keep their promises. Especially about repaying money loaned to them.
It’s true about never loaning money to friends, because you’re out both when you do.

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Every once in a while I get upset about the clutter in the living room, but my roommate doesn’t do anything about the 29 Tiggers and other stuffed animals she has in there. She figures as long as they aren’t blocking my pathway, they’re fine.

I feel irate when people at work make fun of me, so Ive been wearing headphones, so I don’t hear them.

Huge braggers irritate me. I do step back and wonder why they have to brag and boast. But even if I’m trying to be patient with them, people who just brag and brag will really make me irritated.

Before I would call them out on it. But now, I just walk away. I avoid a lot.

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People just pump them out like a baby making factory even though it’s not logical to have this many.

Sure, you have to have some i would say, but seven billion is pushing it to be honest.

And when they have kids out of desire and not logical nessecity. And when they ignore the fact that this world is not fit for their children but still do it anyway, if nothing is working well why have them?

And wars, wars make me very irate, the leaders don’t care about avoiding them at all.

And genocide is bad to.


I hate little kids with a passion. Even though I know they’re not my responsibility.

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I think braggers want a way to prove themselves to you but they can’t. They may want to be respected for something that they can do.its just like two small children that don’t believe in your strength and so you prove it somehow like side kicking a heavy bag with extreme force. It actually scared them when I did that but they said I couldn’t. What is it with kids nowadays always trying to test or say u can’t do it. Coz they want to see it. They are little hitlers, psychological assholes.

U are very smart and open. That gets to me also. It’s a touchy subject. And I’m paying to feed the extra kids they have because they can’t stop ■■■■■■■ now how responsible is that? America should implement Chinese birth laws 7 billion will sky rocket and resources will be in competition it is even this day. But with more mouths to feed. War is inevitable.

what makes me irate? People.

how do I deal with it? expect people to be idiots.

simple really

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Wars control overpopulation…so do disease, disasters and until the more recent years when lawyers stepped in, stupidity took it’s share.

Insufficient, all of those ways are insufficient.

Thats no way to control population at all.

Hideous suggestions, makes your stomach sick deep within reading that.

What are we, animals? Oh yeah, i forgot.

Kids learn from adults and other kids. So when they ask to see what an adult can do, they know it’s possible. I watch my sister teach swim lessons and I’ve seen a kid brag a bit about how they can float. The other kid will say…“Show me” The second kid isn’t saying “Show me to Prove it!” the second kid is actually asking, “Show me how so I can do it too”

Kids who watch me will say “Show me” but it’s not bully into proving, I show them and then they have questions… they are trying to learn. How will they learn anything if no one takes the time to show them?


Since when?
I never said it was ideal or desirable, but it’s God’s/mother Nature’s checks and balance.

People just don’t comply with the idea of limited # of kids…if you think China has it right, better call up all those baby spirits that were murdered because they weren’t a boy the first time.
So what’s your plan?

I get irate when my internet connection keeps disconnecting or giving problems, especially when I am online looking at something important like properties with my husband. How do I deal with it? Keep it in and scream internally. And when hubby is not home I let the scream out! Stupid, I know. There are far more important things to get mad at, like war and injustice and the situation in Palestine, etc.

I’ll tell u what got me irate today. Gangs clown rappers in chicago beating each other up and robbing their chains then posting online the chain they robbed. They always talk ■■■■ like SHOOTING KILLING, these clowns just rapping that, I’m not saying that it don’t happen coz sometimes these clowns take it too far and end up getting shot. But what worth are they to society? Forgive me if you resemble what I just described.

How to tell really can you really tell. A threat from a bluff? Let these punks sell ■■■■ legally to each other and I bet they’d be giving hugs instead of slugs.

They call chicago nickname CHIRAQ like its Iraq or something. Bunch of rapping clowns they don’t know the equipment they record on was made by real honest intelligent inventors. Now look how they abuse words. Toting guns in their videos, flashing cash like they really make as much money they say they do. Bunch of clowns. I’m angry and so aren’t many armed individuals waiting for the green light to slaughter those folks. And we ain’t bluffing. They be killing themselves maybe that is what law enforcement wants. Is it the illuminati’s quest? In God We Trust, on the dollar bill, life is short to worry about these people bringing down the rest of us progressive positive contributors to society. I’m not a racist. I’m irate and disgusted.

I get that way when I’m over stimulated. Where if I’m in a crowded place and things are moving around every where. Or if people keep touching me. I hate people touching me. Or if there is non stop noise and no silence. I get overwhelmed and really irritated.

Wow, I get very irritable lately on - off. My moods have been all over the place, irritable one minute, next minute depressed, next hour silly and euphoric I honestly think I am mood cycling - it must be the lamictal a new med not working properly or causing this. It is very frustrating - I see my doc this week

One of the biggest things I hate is when I hear about someone who has shown no previous signs if a mental illness is caught in a crime and they try and plead temporary insanity as a defense. Or those murderers/rapists that try and get a lighter sentence by claiming they’re schizo when there is no previous history of them having the illness. It makes the rest of us who don’t go around killing each people but suffer from schizophrenia look bad. To deal with it I’ve started a blog to show people not everyone who is Schizophrenic is violent. is the link, it’s a free blog and chronicals my daily life a lot of deals with my schizophrenia and the medications I’m in, then some of it is a personal online diary about things going on in my life and a writing project I’m working on. It’s all done to prove that we can have normal moments in our lives too…