Random irritation

Sometimes i just get randomly irritable and ill bite anyones head off. I cant not feel that way either. Very annoying and usually i have to walk around or shake some part of my body cause im so irritable. Anyone else have that problem?

yeah yeah… I have that too. I just put on some music or talk to someone until I calm down… take it easy

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Yea but it happens so frequently that people get sick of me… its a problem not to mention i can be a prick i suppose. Though it makes sense to what im thinking and feeling just not to everyone else… :confused:

yeah… just take it easy… nothing is worth your irritation… enjoy life!

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I know a lot of people that are like this, my mom, brother, mother in law, father in law and my partner are all easily irritated. my mom has depressions, my brother is bipolar, i’m not sure about my in laws and my partner is undiagnosed with any sort of mental illnesses.

I hope you can take it easy, and do as sleepybug says

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Thabks guys im trying om practicing some breathing techniques. Doesnt help my thoughts dont stop though. Which only worsens my irritation but i try to keep myself disstracted that seems to help.