What makes you get out of bed?

Cigarettes and coffee, for me.
I do nothing. I stopped walking.


Don Juan scratches me until I get up and feed him.

That first cup of Coffee entices me too.

Sorry you’re struggling with negative symptoms it sounds like.


Yes, melancholic autumn arrived and it has affected me. How are you?

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when I wake up I am always indirectly grateful , time is very so presious

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Autumn is a decent season for me. I don’t like the winter. Summer is my favorite but the fall and spring aren’t bad either.

I am content thanks. A little sad summer is over but time moves really fast now since I only have 1 days off in a row ever throughout the week. Life flows differently working Thursday-Friday-Sunday and Tuesday. As opposed to not working at all.

It hasn’t fully sunk in yet I’m working. I just show up, go, do the work, and it feels natural enough.


Medication, exercise and a shower make me get out of bed every morning.


Guilt makes me get out of bed.

I feel guilty if i lie in bed the whole day.

I wish i didnt feel the guilt


confession cured my guilty conscience, it really works

What do u mean?

A bowl of cereal and coffee.

I wake up around 4 a.m. and I’m usually hungry by then.

The nursing service and my cigarettes.

When I have to pee. :joy:


I just can’t physiologicaly sleep beyond a certain amount and staying in bed the whole day drives me insane basically

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Cigarettes and coffee for me too :slight_smile: . I recently also started to try to convince myself, that I wont have such a terrible day. I try not to see it all so bad as before :confused: … I was hard on myself before, yeap. It was painful and I am still fragile, but yeah, don’t be hard on yourself too :slight_smile: .

coffee and tea for me

I read that clozapine levels are elevated because of caffeine intake, I try to stay away from energy drinks cause they are loaded with chemicals, and caffeine

Energy drinks and cigs. Maybe the internet too.

Coffee and the need to exercise.

Usually my dogs wanting to be fed or go out. I also buy a nice tea every morning that I enjoy, even though the cost is adding up.

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It used to be cigarettes but I quit.

Now coffee n breakfast and that my dog needs to be walked and that my brothers dogs need to be walked and that I have a gym class to attend or volunteer work to go to.

I get up at 6am.

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Coffee and vaping and then some exercise.