Can't get out of bed today

It’s after 3pm and I still haven’t really gotten up. I’m not sleepy at all (or particularly depressed), I just can’t manage to get out of bed. I know I should get up and eat something at least, but ugh.

What do you do on days like this? How do you find the motivation?

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Caffeine plays a role in how long I stay in bed. Sometimes on the weekends I get my days and nights completely changed around, going to bed at around 9:00 in the morning and getting up around 5:00 in the evening. On Mondays I pretty much doze through the day. When I was on Haldol I stayed in bed a lot. When I was on Haldol I was totally demoralized. I lived on the street before to keep from having to take it.


I find having a job gives me motivation. Yes often I don’t want to get up but I do as it lets you see people, or not as I do most communication by email.

You can even do volunteer work. I’m sure a soup kitchen or whatever would appreciate the help during the colder holiday season. And the homeless people appreciate it and then you see wow at least I’m not homeless. They are very thankful and that gives you good feelings too.

I’ve had days like those. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling like that today.

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