What makes you angry?

What makes you angry?

No it does not.

It’s the “WHY” that makes me angry.

Yeah, they should airdrop cupcakes all over N.Korea and Iran.

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When an adult doesn’t put something back where they found it/clean up after themselves.

I am not the maid!

I don’t know, maids get paid decent wages.

Maybe I should change careers. Lol.

I’m way too OCD for anyone’s own good.

OCD is the perfect trait for being a maid and cleaning houses. But maybe you could buy a Rumba to help you, minus the cat. Kidsister knows what I’m talking about.

i get angry at getting angry lol,

luckily i havent had much to be angry about lately except driving on the wrong side of the road :frowning: (i was co-piloting sweep and got it wrong) lol, the weather has been bothering me but it hasn’t made me angry yet, well not much anyway, the big thing was the sat nav that i didnt have when we got lost (as you can tell i’m not a very good co-pilot) lol,

tbh i normally have a huge amount to be angry about but i have learnt to try and look at the positives in things and if there aren’t any i like to say at least it wasn’t as bad as this or that or make something up lol.

anyway its my birthday tomorrow and i’m going to have a good time, i’ll take lots of photos and try and post some, take care. x

I get angry/hurt/upset when I think about my past. I’ve been traumatized a lot.

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My negative thoughts, false disturbing memories, every single day i become angry, and than when the night kicks in all of my symptoms subside, and i become positive thinker… What a rare type of illness i have, no doctor understand.

I never said it was self righteous anger. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. From a news story I read a while ago a lot of these kids are giving themselves cavities because they are drinking these drinks all the time instead of water.

But I’ve heard Rumba + cat = (sometimes) robo tech cowboy kitty. I’ve seen plenty of videos with the cat just chillin on top of the Rumba and riding around.

When people purposefully backup a certain perspective in a certain case in judgement against someone who didn’t need the judgement at all. Then they continue on their little animal trail of logic pretending to be rock solid. Not much makes me angry, but this unravels me. These people have a special place in hell.

Maybe you aren’t angry because you can see past his actions. One good thing about schizophrenics is that they gain insight as well as perspective. Even though a lot of the time it can be warped or just plain wrong, it makes us grow faster spiritually.

Oh no, not more “Shark Cat” I know that it’s a good stress relief. That is going to be the most famous cat in the world soon.