Why am I so angry? Maybe it doesn't matter

Sometimes I feel it doesn’t help to ask why we are feeling a certain way. I’ve done a lot of reading on it and it seems the human brain is excellent at creating explanations even when there is no reasonable one.

I am very very angry and irritable lately. Everyone upsets me and I just want to be alone. And I think sometimes I am just like that. I didn’t used to be that way but now I am that way and that’s how it is.

Ive been just like you recently then. Irritable and angry, and annoyed and don’t want to be around others and like that for some time and Idk why either. But it sucks. I completely hate it :confused: like errmagerdd hate it… Hopefully this passes for us.

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I am usually very easy going. I tend to get more hurt than angry although I am not immune to getting angry. I get very frustrated about my delusion (believing my reality is fake) and I am always resentful of my Dad for never taking accountability for being neglectful and abusive. I know what is causing my frustration. I guess that is the difference. I never take it out on others though. I have always been extremely good about that.

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I am the same, I never lash out at anyone else. It all just boils in me. Ack.

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I get angry when I am cleaning the bathrooms at our clubhouse, (I get paid for it.) and people keep coming in and using the bathroom, preventing me from cleaning them, but lately I have been looking at it from their perspective, and I don’t get as angry about it.

There’s a lot of things to be angry about.
There’s a lot to be irritated about.