What made you come to terms that what you are experiencing is a delusion?

What made you say that what you were experiencing was a delusion?’ What made you realize that what you were experiencing was not real?

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That was an experience from another dimension. The medication help me to live in this,our, dimension. With the help of the internet i can study my illness more. It’s really confusing for me how can I possibly explain it to someone.I am not keen anymore to proof my sanity. I put my case to rest.


It wasn’t any one pivotal event. I regained my sanity slowly, with meds and time to think about what is real and what isn’t.


I believed all men were gay. Obviously not true.
I believed my ex husband had sent snipers out to assassinate me. Not true.
I believed my ex husband was coming to my house to kill me and our son. Not true.
I believed that my brother was going to drive by my house and kill me by shooting at my window. Not true.
I believed that my best friend was leading me out to a field, with her car, in order to murder me in a corn field. Not true.
I believed that God Himself was sending me messages in books and that I was to obey His every command. Obviously not true.
I believed that serial killers were either in my house or were trying to get into my house every night and that I was a sure goner. Not true.
I believed that I was the famous nurse, Florence Nightingale, reincarnated. Obviously not true.
I believed that I could read people’s minds and that they were all thinking bad, evil thoughts about me. Obviously not true.
I believed, at times, that other people could read my mind. Obviously not true.
I believed that the Veterans Administration was deliberately putting poison in my medications they were dispensing to me. Not true. (I hope not anyway).
These are only the delusions that I can remember.

What made me come to terms that what I was experiencing was delusions is that all of my delusions were rather transient and short lived. Except for the delusion of being able to read peoples minds. That pretty much stayed constant over a length of 33 years. And also the messages from God delusion which lasted for about 15 years.


Many years ago I had just finished having a delusion (I didn’t know it was a delusion) that some “good” people had been tortured and dismembered with body parts frozen by some “bad” people that were bowling with heads across the floor of the apartment upstairs. I ran out of my apartment in horror and saw blood all over the hallway walls and then ran across the parking lot to a donut shop where I told a counter person who called the police. Rather than being beaten and cuffed when the police arrived, the cop asked for my cell phone which I had on me and checked out the apartment then cuffed me beside the police car. He then explained to me that there was no blood in the hallway and asked if he could take me to the nearest mental hospital to which I agreed. I checked myself in that night and was diagnosed and treated with a quick (3 year) recovery after keeping my horrific delusions and hallucinations secret for 11 years. What made me come to terms that I was experiencing a delusion was positive community support and later at the hospital support from my family.


Every “delusional” expereince ive had was and is still real to me. When i look back at my big episodes i can recognize that maybe other people would classify it as delusional but in my head its like…i know it was real to me and that my daily experiences are real. Whether its just paranoia or what.
Right now im recalling a very traumatic experience i had when my partner at the time could read my mind and was controling my thoughts and i know that was a “psychotic” episode" but…it really happened??? Im not in denial. Idk if this even makes sense

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In the schiz world, delusions and hallucinations are “saved” as memories that become “stitched in” or “fused in with” normal non episodal memories in a way that when reviewing memories, the episodal memories seem as real or even more real than the normal memories. That’s the way it is. Yeah, your take of it makes sense.

I’ve been schizoaffective and schizotypal for a long time. I still believe in many of the delusions I have and have visions of an alternate but the same time line all the time. I think it was all just destiny at times and there is no way out of this for me. I’m sure I’ve suffered cPTSD from it all over all these years and I was hospitalized several times for my strange behaviors.

my step dad, my brother, when I tell them, they bring me back to reality,

and then I’m pissed, because I was so sure I was right.

I havent come to terms with it, it still flares up a bit now and then.

I clearly recognize which thoughts OTHERS find delusional and i dont share those or act on them.

I also know i cant always trust my own thoughts and feelings, they may indeed be delusional. I dont think anybody really knows what is reality though.

Therapy and medication mostly. But it started in therapy. I told my therapist how I hated it that people would follow me when I was driving, or that all red lights (including tail lights) were cameras, recording what I did while driving. Or how the government put a camera in my analog clock in my living room. Or about how everyone knew what I was thinking because my thought were being broadcast. I was put on risperidone and olanzapine. I took these things and it cleared my head. Whenever I become more paranoid, these same delusions come back. I am on invega sustenna and olanzapine now, and I feel okay. Now with therapy I’ve learned to recognize when I’m headed down that road again so my psychiatrist can adjust my medicine.

My son told me about his experiences. I knew they weren’t real and then I had to look at my own and ask if they were real.

A delusional thought is completely lifted and expresses itself only by the extreme. Either negative or exaggerated positive, which in turn drifts into scenes of violence. Only it always feels like it’s the pure truth. You have to know that you should refrain from it.

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Yes, you must always resist any tendencies toward violence.

Long story. Took several years to figure it out.

I started on meds in 2018 after 2 years of what I called my “ego death.” Suddenly the world made sense, and I didn’t like the way I perceived the world to be, so I did everything in my power to break free, from running away from my family to the deep woods of northern maine to attempting to hang myself a couple of times. Eventually my parents realised that my incoherent rambling was a product of mental illness and not my personality and they took me to the emergency room. After a month of treatment I came to my wits, and all of a sudden the world was simple again, but now I have a fear that it will come back, and I will do anything to escape it.

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