What are your delusions?

I am having a hard time realizing that my delusions are not real and just a part of my mental illness. I was hoping some of you could tell me in detail some of your delusions and ways you have realized it wasn’t real. I’ll go first: I think I was mind controlled by the Illuminati and my ex, thought I was gang raped by old friends, think my mother will die if her cat dies.

God’s voice told me to kill myself, I was very close to die from liver failure emergency drs said. I intentionally overdosed on Tylenol and vomited for 2hrs. God’s voice told me to kill my brother and I was very close.

Only meds (Not Abilify) stopped the voices.
You can’t argue with hallucinations and delusions.

that im a budding telepathic and initiate to become a higher authority.

that i live past lives 4 to 6, where i sword fought, was a music star, helped to build boston in the early days, and also an advanced herbalist and healer

that i am a natural vegetarian, my natural diet, and that meat consumption was an act of war to lower human development.

that im part vampire,

and lastly that in a past life, i strategically fathered as many children as possible with as many women from as many ethnicities as i could to spread my seed. fathering more than i could care for.

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I was once heavily sure that people were trying to kill me, I was in hospital and they were trying to get me to eat, I cried into a plate of peas thinking they’d poisoned it :tired_face:

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I thought i was suffering from a disease and changed my diet constantly.
I lost 50 pounds / 25 kilo, i was skinny before, and was hospitalized for malnutrition, had to have injections of vitamins and minerals in a tube.

Stupid me thinking that all the diets i read about, no carbs, no wheat, no sugar, etc could make me anything but sick.

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Malnutrition can cause or worsen sz and other mental illnesses.

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If we knew our current delusions, we wouldn’t be schizophrenics. But we can at least know the delusions that passed in the past. I had many

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I started having religious experiences and other phenomenon or unusual beliefs in 1996 and i isolate alot and hear voices and see things that can’t be explained by science alone. I guess some people might experience all this and never be diagnosed schizophrenic, but I got diagnosed and am coerced into taking meds. Maybe because my mother is agnostic or because some of the things I’ve said or hospitalizations I’ve had or because I’m on disability.

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I believed first that if I asked for help from friends it caused them bad luck if they helped me. Then I began believing that the same thing caused natural disasters.

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I thought everyone was in on the plot to get me, and was on camera 24/7 and there was a site they were broadcasting it. I was getting messages from the TV and the news people could see me watching it. Stuff was placed is certain positions to send a message and lights would send me messages. I threw out almost everything I owned and lived in the dark as I threw out even all the lights and blocked out the windows

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I thought everyone around me was using witchcraft and evil things on me.
I also thought God was killing me, always saying I am guilty or innocent without telling me the charge…
I also thought these girlfriends of mine were having perverse sex parties behind my back.
I also thought of spells, hexes, telepathy, all kinds of stuff to mess with my afterlife…

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It’s not important what my delusions were. Or are. What’s important is the future.

Paranoid over the paranormal, delusional over the dead, the devil, the gods and the angels, the effect can be a mental illness

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Scary scary …scary!

I am multiple delusions every day and am taking my meds everyday and even taking sarcosine to try and help. By listening to other people’s delusions I am hoping to realize that if others are just their mental illness so are mine.

For five years, I had delusions of becoming homeless, that there were not enough of my kind on the streets. Came close but thankfully family intervened.

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I believe the government gave me schizophrenia. I still think this 11 years later but the difference is they don’t seem to be manipulating my environment anymore and aggravating my symptoms.

They used to do that. I am quite sure of it.

They lost interest in me and for that I am grateful but unfortunately I still have schizophrenia and the delusions haven’t faded.

Its the sz that makes you think that. I thought the same when unmedicated, its a form of paranoia.

Oh I had severe paranoia but I can provide examples. They may not have given it to me but they made it worse.

The first time I was in the hospital they kept showing these news reports of a hurricane headed to where my wife was. This was post Katrina and scary. But they looked like they were made in somebody’s garage.

I have googled it. There was no hurricane heading for New Orleans when I was in the hospital in August of 2008. The first two weeks of August. You can google it yourself.

That’s only one example. I have more.

They made me delusional and paranoid. I am sure of it.

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I’ve thought I was dead before, and that my brain was melting. I’ve thought I was an alien. And recently I thought I had killed someone and needed to kill myself. I’m still coming out of that one.