Do you still have delusions on meds?

I probably don’t have any.

Yes, I have bizarre and unusual beliefs.

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Meds helped me get stable but those delusions still seem very real. I guess I learned to move on from them and not buy into that. It’s hard. It can be about smoke and mirrors and they can be very seductive to some people.

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I’m sure it seems that way to family and friends.

some things are real.

Crystal, you don’t even know what a delusion is.

I still have some suspiciousness about other people’s intent, but overall I have no pressing delusions.

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how i dont know what it is?

I don’t think I’m delusional as I just slip back into. Normality pretty quick after any crazy thought, If I had voices though then it would be hard to resist them as they can be very convincing

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Apparently as the meds control the moods that’s why I don’t get any.

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I don’t think you’re sick, just troubled.

There’s no pill for that.

We can’t correct a mind that hasn’t been thru serious misfiring of synapses.
As Phil would say, Kick it into gear.

Why am I troubled in your opinion?

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Lets avoid the drama tonight people. You don’t need to reply @Daze so let it go.


People think I choose to be this way

I’d rather be healthy thank you

I think they’re troubled too ngl. No proper answers, just accusations

Keep cool @Crystal-Cotton. We are a broad community. Be kind to others and good to see you trying to engage with others.


I’m trying to but they accuse me of being a fake

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Your never going to please everyone and everyone here has an opinion. Just best to avoid drama with others. If you see something that is inappropriate then flag it. Everyone else has the same options. It’s not easy keeping the peace but it works for our community if sometimes you avoid drama with others.

I’m just sad because people think im a fake but im not

Let it go and move on. Try to avoid spamming the boards with the same topics. That become problematic for the community. We don’t diagnose here and that isn’t what a support site should be about. Just understand your journey might be different from others…

Be kind to others as well simply as they are doing it tougher than you sometimes. Always good to remember.

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I can’t move on… :frowning:

Probably reason enough to be here.