How did you find out that a delusion was only a delusion?

How did you find out that a delusion was only a delusion? Did med change/up made it go away?

How did you feel/react after you found out what you believe is true was a delusion?

Can you have good insight on a delusion one day but later on that delusion became real again. example: in the distant past, you use to feel that you were monitored by the government and then one day you feel you are not being monitored by the government. In a distant future, you feel like you are being monitored again when your symptom flares up.

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After being better than i was, and refelcting much later, I realized that it must been part of my illness. That I was being videotaped in my office or being poisoned at hospital. I even forgot how terrified I was

For me I was under the impression this guy had the power to chose if I belong in heaven or hell depending on how much I follow his instructions.

I got better. Went off meds. Fell ill again under the exact same delusion. Only this time I had a slight bit of insight in the sense that I wasn’t hundred percent sure if it was real this time whereas last time I hundred percent believed it, this time I 98 percent believed it.

When you got better, you believed that you were 100% that it was a delusion?

Did med change/up made you better instantly or was over short or long period of time after med adjustment?

Tbh I still am not sure if it’s a delusion. It is something that plays on the back of my mind. It did go in the sense that the voice went Wen they put me on meds. Like after a week or two. But the belief in hell persisted :sleepy:. Wat about you, wats your story? If u don’t mind me asking

I’ve my concrete delusions that I can say are probably delusional, but that I’ll never be sure. Not in this life anyway.

They’ll probably always be with me, but they’ve decreased in intensity since going on medication. Therapy to come to terms with delusion has helped too.

Now a days I’ll get passing paranoid delusions. Ones I can shake with a little effort and some reality checking

I used to think that God was talking to me through prayer books. I thought that for many years. But, I talked about my beliefs in forum and the members here made me aware that this was just a delusion. They assured me that it was a common delusion at that. So, I quit communicating with this entity and the delusion disappeared.

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I’m currently adjusting my meds.

I think the government monitors me. I used to feel like I’m always being watched when I’m out but lately I haven’t been that paranoid and I don’t notice people watching me so I am thinking it might be a delusion.

I also think the spirits talk to me and I sometimes believe what they tell me but now I’m thinking maybe spirits don’t talk to me but I don’t know why I have voices.


It’s like when we are dreaming, we are hearing things that aren’t really there isn’t it. So the voices we hear with psychosis is kind of like that too, there not really there although they are created by our brain due to some chemical imbalance in our brain.that is what the antipsychotics are trying to re balance in our brains

Good luck with ur med adjustment :slight_smile:

Talking to friends, family therapist that don’t question you but plant those little seeds of doubt.

When I woke up one morning and realized I’m not a billionaire playboy jetting around the world on my private plane with an endless parade of women on my arm and having presidents and kings all over the world begging to hang out with me and I realized it was all a delusion. Reality set in and I realized that I was only a multi-millionaire with only a helicopter and only a dozen girlfriends and my only friends were several top movie stars. Once I got insight and realized the truth my recovery took off and things got easier.

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My delusions went away on medicine. As long as I keep taking it, they stay gone. I can spot the delusions easily when other people post about them, and I’m always tempted to try and talk them out of their delusions but that always seems like a waste of energy. Either they come out of it on their own or they don’t.

I’ve been lucky and always retained some bit of insight but yes I’ve had delusions that felt more real one day then not then real again. Frequently actually.

How long after the med the delusion went away?

Did you just wake up and said, oh, that was faulty thinking.

How can you spot delusion? Not logical?

I thought I was going into some sort of state of after life during my first psychotic break and that part of that process was rebuilding the world…and that that was happening at my stay at the in house patient care thing.

I think my skepticism about the state of reality resolved itself maybe within 6 months but I was still unsure because the hallucinations seemed like miracles.

In the end I decided that if I had infact joined the afterlife I would’ve experienced something more then medical rooms and sitting on a computer dealing with disability and lawyers once I sought out disability.

The major delusions stopped inside the hospital once I was medicated, but just that nugget of doubt about reality lasted for 6months. Now I feel that I’m not delusional in any regard.

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Your delusions in the hospital

Did you just wake up and said, oh, that was faulty thinking.

How long did it take for the delusion to stop after you were medicated?

How long does it usually take you to realize it was a delusion?

What made you realize that it could be a delusion? What prompted the reality checking?

Your paranoid delusions, are they the ones that people are following you? I feel like I’m being followed sometimes when I go out.

My paranoid delusions are that everyone hates me, no one likes me, that they’re saying bad things about me, telling lies, and insults.

I knew something wasn’t right because everyone I knew was, in my mind, lying to me. I started asking why they were so mad at me all the time and it became clear that it was me. That instead of everyone, even my loved ones, against me, it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

On a good day I can brush them off in a few hours. When I’m not doing to well, It’ll take much longer.