What level meds did you start on for schizophrenia? did they increase since your first break?

how much medicine did you take when you first got schizophrenia? do you now take more meds?

i think i started on 5mg zyprexa and i actually ended up having to lower the dose because of how tired it was making me. that was a year ago. i’ve switched medication since then but they’re still at a low dose and just as effective.

I started with Mellaril way back in the hey day. I was too young to remember the dosage.

I started on 20 mg Zyprexa. I wasn’t sleeping at all and they wanted me to sleep. I switched to Abilify three years ago. I’ve had to increase Abilify every now and then. On 25 mg today.

They started me on 40 mg Haldol a day. It was horrible. They need to be shot for giving me that high a dose of that drug.

When I first got sick and I was locked up in the psychiatric hospital, they put me on 130 mg of Prolixen. A year after I got released a private psychiatrist told me that is an extremely high dose. He said that is the 3rd highest dose he ever heard anyone had to take of that medication . Of all his years of medical school and training and being in practice for 8 years my dose was the 3rd highest dose he had heard of. That’s saying something. I researched it online many years ago and they don’t give even give anyone that high a dose anymore. But after I got out of that hospital my doctor cut my dose of prolixen in half to 60 mg and I slowly tapered down to 5 mg.

With my first break, atypicals did not exist, so they put me on a powerful typical AP - Navane.

I dont remember the dose, but I am pretty sure it was pretty hefty.

Over the years my meds changed and my dose went up and down - Now I am on a pretty low dose of Risperdal.

For a lot of us, schizophrenia and bipolar gets ‘softer’ as we age - at least the positive symptoms tone down a bit.

Started with 25 mg zyprexa. It has been lowered since to 7.5

I started with Haldol. Went all the way up to 80 mg a day (oral). Am now taking Stelazine 20 mg/day.

I started with a 150mg of Invega shot, with 20mg of zyprexa, then tapered down the the zyprexa until off of it completly, now I’m just at the 75mg Invega monthly shot.