Is anybody on a low dose of antipsychotics?

Everyone seems to be on a pretty high dose…I’m on 100mg of Paliperidone. 50mg from Jan onwards. What I really want is 1mg tablets of risperidone. Why is nobody ever on a low dose?..

I am on just 2 mg of rexulti. Different people have different doses that work for them and are different levels of sensitive to the meds. I happen to be very sensitive to Psych meds and anything above low doses tends to give me awful side effects.


That seems pretty low. Glad you are on a low dose for fewer side effects! At least you won’t end up prediabetic.

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I too am sensitive. I was on 0.6mg haldol, but had too many symptoms 2 weeks ago, so back on my old dose of the last 1.5 years: 1mg.

I still have symptoms, but I truly dont understand how anyone can tolerate normal doses.

Give me 3mg haldol a day and i spend my days sleeping and researching the best ways to commit painless suicide.


I’m on 10 mg of Zyprexa. 20 gave me akathisia so we went back down to 10.

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I’m on 5 mg of Zyprexa. I would like to go down to 2.5 but my doctor is afraid my symptoms will come back.

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I was doing well on 10mg abilify. Then went off meds and relapsed. Now I need 15mg abilify.

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I’m on just ten mg abilify

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I’m on just 3 mg of Vraylar which I guess it is a fairly low dose.


I’m on 7,5 mg of aripiprazole.

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I am on 1mg of Haldol a day. I’ve been as low as .25 mg for an extended period of time. 2mg of Haldol is torture for me. I am the same as you Marian.


I’m on 5mg aripiprazole. Does nothing for me so far.

i’m on a pretty low dose of risperidone,
so i guess i’m the exception.
i can’t say it’s working too well though

Ive always taken low doses. Was recently on resperidone 1mg a day. And then switched to another med that doesnt cause weight gain. In the two months that i took resperidone i gained 40 pounds

Good to hear. 1 mg is low.

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I’m on 3mg invega. I think it is a low dose.

Damn thats almost 20kg. I was on risperidone for a month but I don’t think I gained any weight from it. Since march 2018 I haven’t really gained any weight on paliperidone except 4 kg in the past 2 months. Could be my diet though.

I’m on a low maintaining dose of Abilify

I’m on 3.3mg per day, or 100mg a month. Fairly low I guess compared to others on this site.

Are you on the invega sustenna injection? i never heard of 3.3 mg invega. @StonePaperScissors