What job would you really want to do (if you weren't ill)

That’s really interesting that you were a teacher @Happy_Heather. Very cool.

If you don’t mind me asking, what grade level did you teach?

Life is good for me but wish I could run. Meds make to hard.

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I understand. My metabolism and health aren’t so great. Especially now that I smoke.

I used to be able to run really fast, and do lots of pull-ups, push-ups, and other various calisthenics.

My big dream is to quit smoking and take up ANY martial art. As long as the martial art I choose is practical and gets me in shape.

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@Montezuma I taught 9th- 12th, Honors and Regular- Grammar I, Grammar II, American Literature, and British Literature.

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Very cool!

It sounds like you learned a good deal from these experiences.

It was difficult. It was in a Christian school. While I’m a Christian, I was a teen parent (15 yrs. old) and a high school drop-out. I earned my GED and had worked hard to get through college. When the principals found out that I had been a teen parent, though, they turned very nasty. It was a horrible experience, and it turned me off of teaching for good. Granted, I don’t think I could handle the stress of it nowadays even if I wanted to.


Music. I want to create music. But i can never keep thoughts together enough. So ill have brief periods of a flow state but when i go back its all jumbled


Would have loved to be a singer in a punk rock band but I could never learn guitar well enough and I can’t sing for shite! I had long hair for most of my early life…that would have been an interesting look!


I’ve always wanted to be in a punk band too!

That would be really fun.

I’m almost 40 now though. Maybe I’m too old to be in a rebellious counter-culture band. Haha!


I would love to be a researcher.

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I want to be politician too … if good med comes…haha…!!! I am future prime minister of Nepal …!!!


Write in a cabin in the woods

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Something where I could be an uncaring, egotistical, self-serving, sel-centered, as* hole 24 hours a day. .
Wait a minute, Trump has my job already.


I’d likely go back to being a music teacher. Since that was my passion. Possibly composing.


I think being a music teacher would be really fun.

You could even go into music therapy and help others (if that’s your thing).

I also want to go into teaching, but more so with teaching academic subjects or teaching a martial art.

Best wishes to you though on your dreams @Qwerty!


It was fun. I taught in Los Angeles in a small private music school of all ages. But had to stop when I became very unwell.

My ambition now is only to work again. I doubt I will ever teach again. I am back in England now my home land.

I think one day I would not mind delivering mail. It’s more private.


I wanted to be a dr and also a surgeon .

Maybe go part time and surgeon part time.

My mum wanted me to be a director because she thinks I would be great at it.

I wanted to work as a aged care worker because I have certificate three in aged care but my symptoms prevent me from it.

So I care for home ,man ,pets etc

I was thinking of volunteer working for meals on wheels but I am not ready for that yet.

And it would have to be doable cause I have difficulties .

I do things though n care of myself n home n neigher n man and his dogs and I assist my man .

There could of been other professions I may of been interested in but that’s what I remember now.

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I would want to be a psychiatrist


Teaching? That’s awesome! Very noble profession!

If I weren’t ill I’d become a nurse.


If I didn’t have Essential Tremors to go along with everything else, being a surgeon would be cool. Or better yet, I’d like to study chromosomes. I just can’t make it through med school with my hands shaking so bad.