What is your dream job/what would your dream job be if you werent schizophrenic?

I used to have my dream jobs lined up like this- 1, Navy SEALs officer, 2, FBI agent, 3, psychologist. Now I dont want to be a warrior, I have met enough veterans with PTSD. Now I would chose psychologist FOR the FBI, that’s a thing. Either to monitor agents psyche’s or evaluate criminals. So dream 2 and 3 fused together would be my dream job. That wont happen, gov’t wont even let schizophrenics be mailmen, LOL but you can teach psychology or law or win a Nobel prize in mathematics.

Anyways, my actual dream job is to evaluate people, hopefully criminals or juvenile delinquents, people who are challenging and deeply disturbed or mentally ill, or both and more, hahaha.

I want to get a Master’s in clinical psych and then a Psy D in health psych, I think they only offer it in health psych, elderly psych, child psych and some other crap I forgot but yeah, I want a Psy D and I will probably get one if I keep up my performance in school and stay on my meds. I don’t see why not and my doctors actually recommend it, the psychologist who evaluated me told me “If you overcome this, you will make an incredible shrink” and I will remember that for the rest of my life. He knew about my academic crap, for those of you who havent heard me brag, I win at school and am studying psychology in the university’s honors program, writing all of my papers and giving all of my presentations on schizophrenia.

What do you want to do and what would you want to do if there was a cure?


Doing all of the things I want to right now, actually. :smile:



What is you occupation, if you dont mind me asking? I am curious as to what makes you happy

I started out in college as a Studio Art student with a concentration in Ceramics. My aunt had a kiln and created beautiful art. I was inspired and took a summer class at a Studio. I would get my PHD in Ceramics. I left it due to fear of not making enough money to support myself and a lack of confidence. I didn’t take any art classes in high school, so I felt embarrassed and unprepared for all of the other types of art that I would have to do. My academic abilities had started to wane in high school. I had anxiety attacks and thought it was due to the pressure.

I might try it again. I know on some level I don’t have the drive to create as much. I’ve “unsublimated” it (unsuccessfully).

… Really no one on OkCupid believes in evolution in my area.


I would love to do medical billing & coding but right now I cannot go back to school, I seriously doubt Sallie Mae would allow me to extend my loan amount. It is a job I heard you could do at home and it is in the medical field which I like. My second choice, if I had to work outside the home is to be a receptionist in a psychiatrists office, or some similar type of doctor’s office.

Then there is my real dream job to be a writer and make millions off my stories, have my books turned into movies with soundtracks, special effects and everything. I don’t really care about writing movie scripts, I just want to write the novel and for the right price I might be willing to sell the novel rights to make a blockbuster movie…but I don’t come cheep. And I’d really have to trust the director like I don’t know James Cameron, J.J. Abrams, or Wes Craven; someone with a reputation like them.


When I was younger, I tried to become an actress and had some small successes. Now that I am older, I would like to become a writer. I am currently working on a book of poems.

  • FBI criminal profiler
  • FBI field agent
  • CIA

My goal before I got sick was to get a job with CALTRANS working on the highway and freeways.
“CALTRANS” is the California Department of Transportation.They maintain freeways throughout California. They take care of the landscaping, pick up trash, help clean up after an accident, keep the freeways clear of debris.
My dad used to do it for a few years when he got laid off from being a Surveyor for the state. It was during a recession around 1973 or 1974. California laid him off but gave him the job on the Highways. When I was 19, before I got sick, I applied for the job and my dad and a friend of his drove me up to San Francisco to take a test they were giving to see if I qualified. I did about average. Right at this exact time, the infestation of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly in California was going on and they were spraying Malathion over our whole area from helicopters at night to kill the flies. And they actually hired EVERYBODY who had taken that test to strip all the fruit off of every fruit tree in our area. And this was right when I got sick. So I got put into Soteria House in 1980. I was screwed up. And I remember standing out side Soteria and watching the helicopters spraying Malathion over everything.It was an eerie sight. Almost like a war movie.

If I was not schizophrenic, I’d like to be a university professor. I used to work for a university as a lecturer. I liked that job so much because I received welcome from my students and some of my students became my close friends afterwards. This is a very fulfilling job.


ummm id like to be a physical therapist workin on it now

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my dream job would be to be a commercial pilot and deliver all the post to remote outback australia , or the air ambulance service for rural australia.
take care


I would have liked to have been a wild life ecologist, or some kind of game ranger. I would also have liked to have been a college professor. Also a writer, which I dabble at now. (I have a few publications.)

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I would teach again.

I would like to be a writer, working on that…
Or a librarian.
Or maybe an artist, if I had any inspiration!


I would like to be an art psychotherapist specialising in people with psychosis and PTSD (not necessarily together). When I was in hospital, mum asked me what would help me and we created this retreat where we would help people with mental illness through therapy (my mum is training to be a counsellor, I won’t be training to be an art therapist until 2017, that is, if I get on the program at all) animal husbandry, mindfulness, creative expression, coping strategies etc… We want it to be cut off from their world where mental illness is everything and focus on recovery!

This may never happen as I’m still symptomatic when on meds, I may be the best I’ll ever be and life gets in the way. We’ll see!

From ages 10 to 12 I wanted to be a pilot, that’s what I wanted to be. Played Microsoft flight simulator and the jetfighter series on the computer, I was pretty serious about it.

But then from 13 on I figured it might be cooler to just be a drummer in a band and tour around the country and possibly even the world. Could have, I was playing a mean drum by the age of 16, but lost interest in drumming by the time my 20’s rolled around.

I used to wish I could write beautifully and fluently enough to be a published author, you know write the great novel and all, but this is just a dream.

Oh and for a while I wanted to own a small farm, but this is SO much work…


Seriously, I would make a good psychiatrist


I think you would too. Your patient and you try to put yourself in other peoples shoes to come up with an answer that fits them. You have helped me out over the months I’ve been on the forum.

Did I read somewhere that you worked with special ed programs?


That is a tough one for me at the moment because I like my job. Even if I didn’t have Sz… my job is still flex time with good benefits. I’m out in nature and not in a cubicle.

But I would love to try and teach some art classes or be involved with the local community centers. They sure did help me out when I needed it. I would love to give back.

The surf idea is still on the table. I think I’m just developing an interest in teaching. Our department is going to be working with day camps in the coming weeks… teaching kids about the gardens and basic gardening. I’m really looking forward to that.

For me it’s not "what would my dream job be if I weren’t Sz, it’s…
“what is my dream job despite Sz.” I bet I can do what I want despite this illness. Or I’ll at least try.


I agree with @SurprisedJ. I think you would make a WONDERFUL psychiatrist! You’re one of the most therapeutic, helpful, and knowledgeable people on the forum.

I hope that you can follow this dream someday. No matter how old you are, its never too late to follow your dreams.